What to do if the patient has tremors due to nervous system problems

 What to do if the patient has tremors due to nervous system problems

Hand tremor is a disease. Either due to nervous system problems. Many times the muscles of the wrist, fingers and thumb start to move involuntarily. Such problems are more common in elderly people. If hand tremor is a problem, it is difficult to do daily activities. But it is not a fatal disease. This happens when the brain cells are inactive.

Symptoms: Initially tremors start in one hand. Later it spread to other hands. At the same time, both hands started shaking. Trembling increases with hand movement. Stress, fatigue, use of stimulants cause tremors. Tremors can make it difficult to get dressed, hold a glass or cup, eat or shave, or even write.

Causes of the disease: Hand tremors are caused by nervous system or Parkinson's disease. Genetic changes also occur. Other causes are hyperthyroidism, multiple sclerosis, dystonia, advanced age, peripheral neuropathy and stroke. If there is no sleep, the mood becomes irritable and irritable. Many times, if there is no sleep, there are various types of tremors in the body. Drinking too much coffee can affect nerve function. It causes vibration in the body. Drinking too much tea or alcohol can cause the same problem. Hand tremors are a side effect of many medications. Many people think that smoking reduces stress. Smoking also increases anxiety. Nicotine in cigarettes increases heart rate. It increases anxiety. At the same time, the hand also trembled. Vitamin 12 plays an important role in maintaining the nervous system of the body. Deficiency of this vitamin in the body can cause hand tremors.

Treatment: It is important to sleep 7-8 hours daily to keep the body healthy. But if sleep is not good, brain function decreases. Many feel pressure to work then. The body loses its efficiency. Hand tremor problem also occurs. The problem of hand tremors is not completely fixed. However, symptoms can be reduced with treatment.

Medications: Beta blockers, such as propranolol and primidone, antiseizure medications, Botox, and anti-anxiety medications may be given to help reduce the severity of tremors. In addition, deep brain stimulation and thalamotomy help reduce tremors. Physiotherapy with massaging, wrist strapping, and stress-free ball exercises help reduce the severity of tremors.

Remedy: There is no cure for the disease but taking measures according to the symptoms can help you stay healthy. For this the patient must give up alcohol, smoking, excessive tea or coffee drinking. Regular eating and sleeping habits should be practiced. Some medicines help in this case. However, it must be taken on the advice of a doctor.


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