Do not apply mustard oil or lotion on the baby's body


Do not apply mustard oil or lotion on the baby's body

Various types of skin diseases appear when winter comes. Children are more affected by it. Various types of skin diseases including cold, cough and fever become a daily companion. So children have to take extra care.

In winter, many people hesitate whether to apply mustard oil on the baby's body, or give lotion; Can massage be done?

Oils or lotions: Oils or lotions can be used, but whichever one is comfortable for the baby should be chosen. Mustard oil is very useful for children. You can use the oil especially to get rid of cold related problems. Mustard oil increases blood circulation in the body. Keeps the body warm. The child is not at risk of catching a cold. Warming mustard oil with a few cloves of garlic and massaging it on the baby's chest can help prevent common colds.

Mustard oil contains anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. So the risk of skin infection is reduced. Boiling the oil softens it considerably, reducing its density. But the oil should be cooled completely before use. Heat a teaspoon of ajwain seeds in mustard oil and rub it on the baby's soft skin. You can also take tulsi leaves in mustard oil in winter.

Can use lotion. But it should be seen whether the lotion is suitable for the baby, what ingredients are there in the lotion. Care should be taken that the concentration of the lotion is not high. It can accumulate dust on the body. Baby lotions available in the market can be used.

Coconut oil can also be used. It has anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties, which are beneficial for the skin. If the baby's skin is dry, shea butter mixed with coconut oil can be massaged.

Because shea butter is a good skin moisturizer. There are many types of message oil available in the market. Before using these oils, you have to check the ingredients in them. Strongly scented oils can cause allergies, irritation or rashes on the baby's skin. But you can use relatively thin and natural oil suitable for baby's skin.

What to do: Undress the baby and lay the baby on a soft cloth. Take a little oil in the palm of your hand and put it on the earlobe. Then gradually start massaging from the feet. Take a little oil in the palm of your hand and massage the soles of the baby's feet with your fingers. Apply the oil lightly from heel to toe.

Now slowly rise towards the top of the leg. Apply oil to the whole body and gently rub it with your hands and massage it by rotating your fingers on the chest and abdomen. Do not rush while massaging. During the second massage, go from the head to the feet instead of the feet. The child will be healthy.


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