The way it will be cooked without onion is delicious


The way it will be cooked without onion is delicious

Neighboring country India has banned onion import in the country. And that day by day the market is becoming unstable due to the bunch of onions. Therefore, the interest of cooking without onion is increasing among home chefs.

Onion is not an essential food that you must include in your daily diet. Onions work to enhance the flavor and aroma of cooking. But many people do not know that some delicious dishes can be cooked without onions. Here are some recipes that can be cooked without onions today.

1. Cooking vegetable khichdi

Khichuri can be cooked very tasty without onion and there is not much difference in taste. Apart from this, different types of vegetables are available in the market during winter. You can easily make delicious vegetable khichuri with colorful vegetables. Rice, pulses, vegetables, garlic, cumin, chillies, turmeric, salt, oil, ginger and garam masala will make delicious vegetable khichuri easily.

2. shoes

Labra is another name for five-spiced vegetable. Potatoes, sweet pumpkin, cabbage, cauliflower, beans and brinjal are used to cook these vegetables with dry chillies, bay leaf and bay leaves. Many people like to eat this pada with only bread.

3. Paturi

Fun Paturi is made by just adding mustard seeds, green chillies and mustard oil, wrapped in banana leaves and baked. This pada can be made with shrimps or chickpeas besides hilsa, vetki. Baking paturi is best done in a coal oven.

4. Cooking vegetables without onions

In the winter season, if you raise your hand, you can get a variety of vegetables. And these vegetables are also full of taste and nutrition. And you can cook these vegetables without onions. Cut and wash several types of vegetables. Then add oil to the pan and boil the black cumin.

Now add the vegetable pieces and turmeric, salt and green chillies to it and keep stirring continuously. This will prevent vegetables from sticking to the bottom and cook faster due to high heat. Again the color of vegetables will remain intact. You can chop coriander leaves before taking it down.

5. Cooking meat without onions

Meat is usually cooked with onions. But you can make meat delicious without onions. It won't vary much in taste. Allow the meat to marinate with other spices for some time before cooking. If possible you can also add some sour curd. It will be more delicious. You can also use garlic paste, ginger paste, turmeric, chilli, coriander, cumin and other spices for marinade. Even if papaya is added with meat, the broth becomes thicker.

6. Onion substitute

If you use spring onions or onion sprouts instead of onions, you will get the taste and smell of onions in the curry. Besides, you can use papaya batter instead of onion to thicken meat or fish broth. It will remove the smell of fish and meat and the broth will be thick. Using tomato butter in cooking will easily make any dish delicious. Tomatoes can be used in any kind of cooking.


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