The colleague remembers what to,How to deal with the forgetful co-worker in the workplace


The colleague remembers what to,How to deal with the forgetful co-worker in the workplace

The colleague remembers what to,How to deal with the forgetful co-worker in the workplace

Employees spend most of their day in the office. In other words, more time is spent with colleagues than with family members. And it is normal to be friends with colleagues due to working together in the office. But many times that friendship is no longer friendship, but turns into love. Sometimes it leads to marriage. But what exactly is this love?

In this case, the experts said, "The matter of office love is quite troublesome." Crisis awaits here at every post. Co-workers sitting next to you can sometimes create problems. Even gossip may be created behind you. In plain language, there is a danger of creating an unhealthy environment!

Experts also say that the office is a professional place. People get paid by working here. So the matter of giving and receiving attention here apart from work is often viewed with a crooked eye.

But the mind does not understand so much. The mind wants to go to the people it likes. But still be patient if you like the colleague in the office. First, understand well what problems can arise if you have a love affair in the office. Then get down to work.

Career danger

Remember, this is still frowned upon in many offices. Office authorities think that having love in the office actually increases the problem and spoils the culture of that place. Maybe they won't tell you this directly, but it will start to stir things up. Many times management can follow you because of this. Even going to work for the crime of love can happen.

opposite to the beat

It is a school, not a college. You can't offer love to anyone here. So you have to think hundreds of times before proposing to someone. Because, if he directly informs the office about your love proposal in a plaintive tone, then he will be trapped. So first of all try to understand the mind of the colleague. Then proceed. Otherwise big trouble is waiting for you.

It is difficult to beat the drum

In some cases it is wise to keep the relationship hidden. If you can love without telling anyone, then there is no problem. Because, there is no end of people to stick in the office. Then not only your career but also love can take a full stop. Many people can tell the lover about you. So don't put yourself in danger by telling anyone about the relationship, rather it is better to remain silent.

Does she not have a boyfriend?

Before offering love, you need to know your partner well. Whether she has a boyfriend is the first thing to be seen. Tell me what to do if you have a boyfriend! Instead, try to restrain yourself. Apart from this, you also need to know about his behavior. Otherwise you will suffer in future.

Are you ready?

If you fall in love at this age, colleagues think of marriage. So if you make love in the office, keep marriage in mind. Because at this age no one will love like that. Rather, talk about marriage within a few days of dating. So think about these things before falling into the trap of love affair at office. Only then will the path to the future be smooth.


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