Some tips to stay well in winter, know ways to stay well in winter, 10 ways to stay fresh in winter


Some tips to stay well in winter, know ways to stay well in winter, 10 ways to stay fresh in winter

As I write this article, the city has just begun to break the blanket of fog. It was a burden to see the sun for several days. The cold wind rushed in through the smallest gap in the house.

Children and elderly suffer more in winter. It does not matter if you are allergic to cold or have other breathing problems. Such a person needs extra care in winter. Not only ourselves, but also pets should not be forgotten at this time. Some Tips to Stay Well in Winter

How will the lifestyle be in winter?

Want comfortable warmth in winter. When the cold wind blows, keep the windows and doors closed. Wear comfortable winter clothes. If necessary, gloves, earmuffs - all must be worn. But it is better not to wear very tight clothes. Winter clothing should be worn outside, which can be easily removed if necessary. You can keep warm water for daily use. This was said by the associate professor of medicine department of Dhaka Medical College Hospital. Matlebur Rahman. More of his advice on winter lifestyle –

• Fruits of various vegetables in winter. Eat plenty of these nutritious vegetables. Fruits should also be eaten.

• Thirst is felt less in winter. Even if you are not thirsty, you should drink enough water.

• Even if it takes Alsemi to take a bath, there is no alternative to a bath to clean the daily dust. However, this rule does not apply to children and the elderly.

Bathing regularly keeps the body clean: Adhuna

• Moisturizer should be applied regularly for healthy skin.

• There is fear of accidents from electricity, gas, fire and hot water. So use them with caution. Be especially careful of children, the elderly and pets so that they do not fall victim to an accident.

• Stay in the sun for a while if you see the sun.

• Can keep room heater.

• Shataranji can be spread on the floor of the house.

• Continue exercise habits even in winter.

What to do in baby care Some tips to stay well in winter

Put the child in warm clothes in winter: Adhuna

Saida Anwar, the former head of children's department of Dhaka Medical College Hospital, was saying that during this time, children experience runny nose, stuffy nose, cough, fever and even breathing problems. The incidence of pneumonia increases. Many people have loose stools. Apart from that, dengue has persisted in the winter season this year. Therefore, extra attention should be paid to children.

• Do not expose children to cold air. Keep them in a clean, warm and dry place.

• Children should wear one more layer than they are wearing. They must wear cotton clothes. Avoid synthetic fibers. Covering the head of newborns and young children is very important. Observe whether the child is sweating or not. Wipe off immediately after sweating.

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• You can bathe the baby with warm water of yolk every two to three days, in between there is no need to wipe the body. On the day of bathing, apply a small amount of soap (suitable for children). Do not bathe the baby in the open.

• Shampoos are in contact with water for a long time. It is not right for this time. And unless they go outside, they usually won't need to be shampooed more than once a week.

• Syeda Anwar advised to get out of the custom of massaging the body of a newborn or small child with mustard oil. Many children develop rashes or eczema-like skin lesions due to mustard oil. Mustard oil in the nose can cause breathing problems. If you want to massage oil, choose baby oil. Do not leave the baby naked after massaging.

Take care of the elderly

Seniors also need extra carePhoto: Adhuna

The average life expectancy of people has increased due to improved lifestyle and medical system. Naturally, therefore, the number of seniors has increased. The elderly person in your family therefore needs extra vigilance in winter. As they get older, they face many physical problems, which can worsen in winter. The hearing power decreases with age. Eyesight is also weak. Apart from this, there are various problems like skin wrinkles, gray hair, hair loss, bone loss, high blood pressure. Various types of pain increase in winter. Therefore, special care should be taken towards the elderly.

Older men can't hold urine due to an enlarged prostate gland. Don't be upset if you want to urinate frequently. Menstruation stops, old women also have various problems, take care of them. Many have problems like Alzheimer's or dementia. So try to give them necessary medicine and warmth during winter. Check whether the windows of the house are fixed properly or not. Otherwise they will suffer from cold air. Provide lukewarm water for their bath, ablution and hand washing. If you can't yourself, put lotion or oil on their body. Warm drinks can be given, but not excessively.

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That applies to everyone

Warm drinks will help to cure the problem of cold. Model: Safe Photo: Kabir Hossain

• Wear mask regularly.

• Wash hands with soapy water.

• Use mosquito nets.

• Avoid certain items if allergic to them.

• Use sunglasses and sunscreen products.

• Do not eat anything cold.

• Cold-cough home remedies can be done with warm drinks, basil, honey, lemon or betel leaf juice. But don't gargle if you have a sore throat.

• Symptoms of seasonal flu should subside within a few weeks, if not seek medical attention.

• Do not take antibiotics without doctor's advice. And once the antibiotic is started, the course must be completed.

• Get all vaccinations according to government guidelines. Don't delay getting your pet's vaccinations.

• Change pet's water frequently. It is difficult for them to drink frozen, cold water. Keep them in a warm place. Many people have cattle in their homes in villages. Keep a special eye on them this winter. Try to keep the cowshed clean and warm. Some Tips to Stay Well in Winter

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