Ways to keep yourself warm in the cold,6 Cost-Effective Ways to Stay Warm in Winter


Ways to keep yourself warm in the cold,6 Cost-Effective Ways to Stay Warm in Winter

The weather office has informed that the winter will be worse ahead. Winter means taking extra care of yourself. And if you don't take this care, you will be in trouble. You will suffer from various diseases. No one can control nature. So the way to keep yourself warm in this cold is with yourself. Not only by wearing winter clothes, there are many other ways to keep yourself warm.

Check out what to do to keep yourself warm in winter-

Wear heavy clothes to stay healthy in winter. Multiple layers of clothing act as great insulators and keep out the cold outside air.

Many people live in flats where they are not in control of the thermostat. In that case they put several ice cubes near the thermostat. In freezing weather, the thermostat will think the room is cold enough and automatically increase the power to heat the room.

Be sure to put thick cloth curtains on all the windows of the house. Apart from this, install woolen curtains to prevent cold outside from entering the room during winter. You will see that the house has become much hotter than before.

The kitchen is hotter than other rooms. The reason is cooking. No matter how you cook it, whether it's on a fire or in a microwave oven, the heat makes the entire kitchen quite hot.

Many people have the habit of making organic fertilizer with vegetable peels. Not only does it nourish the plants, you may not know, but it also keeps the house warmer. How? Vegetable peels have to be decomposed to make compost. Bacteria do this. When numerous bacteria begin to rot something, heat is generated. In that heat, the house is also slightly warm.

In winter, tea consumption increases. This practice will relax you. But tea should not be consumed too often.

Foods to eat-

Ginger, garlic and honey are effective in getting rid of cold, cough, flu and sore throat. Ginger, garlic reduce cholesterol levels in the body. You can eat ginger mixed with soup or other food. Can also be eaten raw. Even though it is a sweet food, honey does not have the problem of extra calories. Besides, it is very useful to keep the body warm.

Nuts of various varieties such as peanuts, walnuts, cashews etc. are the best sources of good cholesterol, vitamins, fiber and omega-three fatty acids. As a hot food, you can eat almonds as snacks in winter.

This masala is very useful to prevent the body temperature from falling. You can mix cinnamon with soup, cooked food, salad to bring different taste. You can mix it with hot drinks like tea.


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