What to do if you have acne on your face

 What to do if you have acne on your face

What to do if you have acne on your face

(1) Do not put hands or nails on pimples.

(2) Try to keep the scalp free from dandruff.

(3) Try to keep the head free from dandruff.

(4) Consuming plenty of water, fruits and vegetables.

(5) Use water based makeup without oil.

(6) Using oil-free or water-based makeup.

(7) Wash your face with soap or face wash on the doctor's advice.

(8) Stay clean and use separate towels.

(9) Avoiding stress and trying to sleep properly at night.

(10) Constipation should be removed. Food rich in protein and vitamins should be eaten.

(11) Need enough sleep at night. Be stress free. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables and drink water.

(12) Wash your face with mild soap or facewash two to three times a day. Wash your face after coming outside. Apart from this, you can take steam of lukewarm water.

rose water

Regular use of rose water reduces acne scars. Make a mixture by mixing rose water with cinnamon powder. Apply this mixture on the acne and wash off after 20 minutes. This will greatly reduce the infection, itching and pain of acne.


Not only food quality, cucumber has many qualities. One of them is definitely the use of skin. It contains vitamins A, D and E. Each of these are extremely good for the skin. Cucumber can be crushed and applied on the face. After 20 minutes, wash your face with cold water. You can also use cucumber in other ways. Cut the cucumber into rounds and soak it in water for at least an hour. Then you can eat that water, or wash your face with that water.


Toothpaste can be used like a face pack. This paste has the ability to absorb excess oil from the face. As a result, those who have pimples or pimples on their face due to oily skin can benefit from using toothpaste. But not too much, use a very small amount on the acne area. Increase the amount if not a problem.

Neem leaves

Neem leaves are very good disinfectant. So, neem leaves are very useful in treating acne. Mix sandalwood powder with neem leaves and make a mixture. Apply this mixture on the skin and wash off after 15-20 minutes.

green tea

Green tea is very effective against pimples or acne. Make green tea with hot water. Then cool the green tea completely and use it on pimples or spots. Can be soaked in cotton. In that case, the tea mixture can be mixed well on the skin. If making green tea from a tea bag, you can also place the cold green tea bag on the skin. Wash off after 20 minutes.

mint leaves

Mint leaves are very beneficial in reducing excess oil and acne infections on the skin. Crush fresh mint leaves and apply on the skin. Leave it for 10-15 minutes and wash it off. It will remove excess oil from the skin. Mint leaves are also useful in removing skin rashes and acne due to excessive heat. Apply fresh mint leaves on the pimples for 20 minutes and wash off.


Garlic is a great enemy of acne. It is also very easy to use. Cut a clove of garlic into two pieces. Then apply the juice on the acne. Wash off after five minutes. Do this before going to bed at night and you will notice improvement in the skin the next morning.

lemon juice

You can apply lemon juice on a cotton ball. You can make a mixture of cinnamon with lemon juice and apply it on the pimples before going to bed at night. Wash in the morning with lukewarm water.


Not only as a medicine to eat, but also to cure acne or acne, this medicine has no match. The salicylic acid in it dries acne quickly. Crush four to five tablets first. Then mix them with little water. Mix in such a way that a paste is formed. Apply the paste on the affected area at night before going to bed. Wash it off in the morning. If the skin is very sensitive, you can leave it on for a few minutes and wash it off.

Remove acne with aloe vera

You can mix aloe vera gel in your daily face pack to get rid of acne. If the amount of acne is not too much then make a face pack by mixing multani mati, sandalwood, rose water and aloe vera gel and apply it on the face. Wash off when dry. If acne is very burning and painful, freeze aloe vera gel and make ice and rub the ice on the affected area.

Treatment of acne:

Taking medicines as per doctor's advice, washing your face gently with good soap and keeping it clean and living a healthy life can get rid of acne and acne scars in a very short time.

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