How to drive lizards out of the house


How to drive lizards out of the house

How to drive lizards out of the house

Ways to avoid lizard infestations. Lizard poisons

Long-tailed lizards benefit by eating insects. Still no one is willing to keep this animal at home. Because the home reign of the lizard is not only a terrible thing, but if this poisonous animal gets into the food, it can cause serious illness, including health damage.

Ways to Avoid Lizard Infestation:

Naphthalene: To repel lizards, placing naphthalene in areas where the infestation is high will keep the lizards away.

Peacock feathers: For some strange reason lizards are very afraid of peacock feathers. Wherever a peacock feather sees a lizard, the lizard does not want to come near it. So arrange a few peacock feathers in the vase of the house.

Onion: Onion contains sulphur, the smell of which lizards cannot tolerate at all. Chop onion and place it in the direction where lizards travel more, especially in the ventilators of the house.

Dry chili powder: Soak dry chili powder in water for an hour. Then strain the water and put it in a spray bottle and spray it on the lizard infestation. Lizards will run away due to the smell and sting of dry chilies

Garlic: You can peel the garlic and put it in the infested area, the smell of it will make the lizards run away. Also, using onion juice along with garlic juice in a spray bottle to spray on the affected area can be beneficial.

Eggshells: Lizards can't stand the smell of eggs. Keeping the eggshells separate and placing these eggshells in infested areas, especially in house ventilators, will reduce lizard infestations. But it should not be boiled egg shell, it should be raw egg shell.

Ice Cold Water: Lizards are cold blooded animals. Spray ice water whenever you see lizards. You will see that the lizard is frozen in the cold. Then pick it up and throw it out.

Coffee powder: Mix coffee powder and takak powder together to make a mixture. Now put this mixture in places where lizards may be in the house.


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