Makeup rules - Makeup rules


Makeup rules - Makeup rules

Never think of makeup as a way to hide your flaws, rather it is a way to enhance your personality and gain confidence. But gaining confidence with makeup is possible only when it's done right because wrongly done makeup can make you look ridiculous.

Applying makeup is also an art that requires patience and attention. This makeup can boost your confidence if learned well and a half-done makeup can embarrass you. Many people are afraid of applying makeup because they don't know the right technique.

But sometimes many people don't know how to start makeup, or what products to use in the beginning. For such people, here we are sharing some important information about various makeup products, the right way to apply them and some amazing tips and tricks related to them.

Primer tips

Primer is very important and essential part of your makeup which helps your makeup to look even and flawless. Many people think that there is no need to apply primer if the skin is fair and flawless but it is not. Primer helps your makeup to last longer so primer is very important step of makeup.

Your primer and foundation should be of the same type, ie if your foundation is oil based then choose the same primer and if your foundation is water based then the primer should also be the same.

Apply a little extra primer around your eyes, face and nose as these are the areas where makeup tends to cake up first. Also, this way you will be able to hide the fine lines or wrinkles on these parts.

If you want a more natural or no-makeup makeup look, mix your primer into the foundation and apply.

Primer Application Tips

After applying the primer, leave it for 10 minutes and then start applying the foundation. This will make blending the foundation easier.

If you don't have foundation, you can mix some aloe vera gel with a little moisturizer and use it as a primer.

Foundation Tips

Foundation is the most important part of your makeup look that can make or break your entire look. The wrong shade of foundation or wrongly applied foundation can ruin your entire look. This is why it is important to be very careful not only when choosing a foundation, but also when applying it.

Foundation Apply Tips

When it comes to applying foundation, don't apply too much at once. Blend a little foundation on the face and reapply as needed or the makeup may come off.

When applying foundation, don't forget about your ears and neck area because it can look very weird and no matter how natural makeup you do, it will expose all your flaws.

Always blend the foundation from the inside to the outside of the face and from the top to the bottom.

Use your fingers, brush or beauty blender to apply foundation, never rub them, but always dab ie patting on the skin, otherwise you won't get a smooth finish.

If you want a flawless makeup look, never make these foundation mistakes.

Concealer Tips

If you don't have concealer in your makeup kit, then your makeup kit is incomplete and forget about flawless and smooth makeup without it. This is Brahmastra, with which you can hide small blemishes, discoloration or pigmentation on your face.

To hide the dark circles under the eyes well, create triangles with concealer under the eyes.

Always apply a color corrector type concealer before foundation.

Most people prefer to blend concealer with their fingers, but blending with the sharp end of a beauty blender gives a better look.

You can also use concealer as an eye primer, which will enhance the beauty of your eyes.

Always choose a concealer one shade lighter than your foundation i.e. your foundation should match your skin tone and one shade lighter than your skin tone.

Concealer Application Tips

To hide the dark circles under the eyes well, create triangles with concealer under the eyes.

Always apply a color corrector type concealer before foundation.

Most people prefer to blend concealer with their fingers, but blending with the sharp end of a beauty blender gives a better look.

You can also use concealer as an eye primer, which will enhance the beauty of your eyes.

Powder tips

Face Powder / Compact Powder / Pressed Powder

First, understand that there is a difference between your compact and translucent loose powder and they are not the same thing. It is also known as setting powder. Loose powder helps set your makeup, absorbs excess oil from your face, and gives makeup a matte look. On the other hand, pressed powders or compacts are used to give periodic touch-ups and absorb facial oil or shine in makeup.

Powder Application Tips

Always use a loose translucent powder that has no color to set makeup. It will not affect the finish of your makeup.

Use the densest and fluffiest brush in your kit to apply loose powderdo

After picking up the powder on the brush, gently shake it so that the excess powder falls off the brush.

Apply a small amount of powder to the oiliest part of your face, leave it for 10-15 minutes and then brush off the excess powder.

These makeup tips will be very useful for dry skin.

Blush tips

Although applying blush is totally optional but it gives your face a nice pink and flushed look. However, this is only possible if you use it in the right amount and in the right way, otherwise you can end up looking like a red tomato instead of a beautiful angel. Blush is a good option for a heavy or full coverage makeup.

Blush Application Tips

Choosing the right blush is very important to get a nice flushed face look. It is not guaranteed that the same blush will look good on everyone. Try gently pinching (pressing) your cheek 2-3 times. Next, take a blush similar to the color you got on your cheeks.

Use light pink blush for fair skin, peachy pink for medium skin, dark pink for dusky skin tones and orange blush for darker skin tones.

For a more natural look, always apply blush before foundation so your makeup doesn't look too layered and cakey.

Avoid shimmery blushes, especially if you have large pores or if you have sensitive and acne-prone skin.

Always blend blush from your cheekbones and towards your ears.

Eyeliner tips

Applying eyeliner is a very personal choice that you can skip if you want, but a properly applied liner can make your eyes look more beautiful. On the other hand, the wrong eyeliner can ruin your perfect makeup look.

If you want to look big and drawn eyes like actresses, proper eyeliner is essential.

Eyeliner Application Tips

If you don't get a smooth and dark finish from your pencil liner, put it on fire for 2-3 seconds and use it after waiting 2 seconds. Do not melt completely. This will give you a smooth gel liner finish.

Seal the liner with powder after applying it to make it smudge free.

Lipstick tips

No makeup look can be complete without lipstick and no one can deny its necessity. Applying lipstick can change your entire look. Bold or nude, glossy or matte, whatever your preference, no one can deny the importance of lipstick.

Line your lips with concealer to highlight your lip shape more beautifully and clearly.

Always choose the same shade of lip liner and lipstick, otherwise it can be a big makeup mistake.

To make makeup last longer, after applying lipstick, place a tissue paper on the lips and dab loose powder with a brush. Keep the lipstick in the fridge in the heat if needed.

Lipstick application tips

Always start applying lipstick from the center and work outwards.

To prevent the lipstick from sticking to your teeth, after applying the lipstick, make an 'O' shape with your lips and pull it out with your thumb. All excess lipstick will be on your thumb.

Keep lipstick on your lips throughout the day so consider these things.


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