What to do to get smooth skin, foods that help skin glow, 7 tips for smooth body skin

Everyone dreams of soft and smooth skin. You see the dreamy beauties of the big screen and think to yourself that how is it possible to get such glamour? We don't have a daily routine like them, but everyone has their own natural beauty.

What to do to get smooth skin, foods that help skin glow, 7 tips for smooth body skin

Due to various reasons, this natural area of ​​the skin starts to lose gradually. However, who does not dream of beautiful skin! Do you want to have beautiful skin? That wish will come true if you follow a few small tips.

Waxy smooth skin. Buttery complexion. Those who have a k-pop (Korean pop) viewing habit are no less obsessed with Korean beauty secrets.

In fact, Koreans have the most perfect and beautiful skin in the world. Koreans' motto in beauty practice is 'skin first, makeup second'. This is the secret of their healthy, beautiful, tight and glowing skin. 

What to do to get smooth skin, foods that help skin glow

Nowadays, everyone is obsessed with Korean beauty products and skin care routines to get flawless, healthy skin. Let's find out what's in it-

Know 9 tips to get smooth and glowing skin, natural ingredients for smooth skin

Makeup removal:  Sun, dust and smoke make the skin dull every day. So wipe your face with an oil based cleanser as soon as you come outside. There is no substitute for removing makeup and dust. You can also use an essential oil like jojoba or an oil-based cleanser.

Water Based Cleanser :  The second step is to wash the face with a water based cleanser. It's a master at cleaning dirt that oil cleansers can't get through. which cleanses the skin from within. Green tea, rice extract rich cleanser will get good results.

Exfoliation:  Exfoliation is necessary to remove dead skin cells. Exfoliation is a way to remove dead skin cells and dirt accumulated in the pores. Granulated sugar, orange peel or lentil powder are best. But exfoliation no more than two-one days a week.

Toner:  K-Beauty's toner is a skin care product rich in natural ingredients that balance the skin's pH level. Licorice extract can be used for toning. Rose water toner is best to use.

Essence:  Our acquaintance with Essence is not very long. Essence is a very lightweight product that is a combination of toner and serum. Like toner, it should be chosen according to the skin type.

Treatment:  Serum or ampoules are used to treat skin problems. The ampoule is slightly heavier than the serum and contains more active ingredients than the serum. The perfect remedy for skin problems, stubborn acne scars, wrinkles or hyperpigmentation! You can use tea tree oil or vitamin E oil capsules or ampoules.

Sheet mask:  Korean skincare is unthinkable without it. This pair of masks to make the skin hangover! Not only that, there is no substitute for this mask to reduce stress for a week! You can use cucumber or green tea mask.

Eye Cream:  An essential extra care for eye skin. Because the skin around the eyes is very sensitive. So he needs special care. So use eye cream around the eyes before going to bed and before leaving the office. Better if it has honey in it.

Moisturizer:  Moisturizing is necessary to keep the skin moist, remove dryness. There are also several types of Korean moisturizers. For example: cream, gel, oil etc. Moisturizer should be used according to skin type and needs.

Sunscreen:  The last step is to use sunscreen. It protects the skin from the sun. Sunscreens containing titanium oxide and zinc oxide are good for the skin. Sunscreen should always be used during the day, even if you are not going outside. When buying a sunscreen, check that it contains enough SPF (Sun Protection Factor).

Finally: 7 tips for smooth body skin, how to reduce skin texture, know 9 tips to get smooth and glowing skin

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