How to Stop Nightfall: Ending the Nightmare, how to stop nightfall by exercise, best medicine for nightfall


How to Stop Nightfall: Ending the Nightmare, how to stop nightfall by exercise, best medicine for nightfall

Wet dreams or Nightfall in men means - sperm emission at night, while men are sleeping. Doctors call this nocturnal emissions which means sperm emissions at night.

When people wonder ‘what wet dreams mean’, they often think of this as a disease or a taboo - one that many shy away from.

It primarily occurs in teenage boys going through the peak of their hormonal changes within the body, but is often experienced by older men as well, and happens as a result of fluctuations in sexual charge.

Through this blog, we want to explain to you why nightfall occurs and how it is a completely normal, natural and biological phenomenon.

That’s not it. We will also cover techniques to control and stop nightfall so that you can sleep without worrying about wet dreams.

Commonly known as wet dreams, night discharge, nocturnal emissions, and swapandosh (in Hindi), is a peculiar condition among men in the mid-age or teenage.

In this condition, the person’s brain loses control and the body ejaculates during dreams. Is nightfall natural? Yes, it is. It is universal and normal to have nightfall.

We bring you some of the hesitant notions in this article as to how to get rid of nightfall? Is nightfall normal? Are there any side effects and what are the solutions?

What are nocturnal emissions, and why does it occur so frequently?

Nightfall is a biological development in which some men ejaculate sperm during sleep in the early hours of the morning or late at night. Usually, at the time of puberty, the youngsters undergo a lot of hormonal changes that bring spontaneous erections accompanied by nightfall.

As you grow and become sexually active, the testosterone level starts to deplete, and the frequency decreases. Read the natural ways of increasing your testosterone levels

Although, excessive nightfall (several times per week) is highly alarming and is caused by unhealthy eating habits, sedentary lifestyle, abstinence from sexual activity for a long time, frequent masturbation, watching too much porn, excessive drinking, smoking, failure to control emotions, anxiety, and stress.

Nightfall Reasons

Some of the common nightfall causes in men are quite harmless. However, if the condition persists, it might be of concern. These reasons are:

Sexual inactivity

  • Excessive exposure to sexual content such as pornography or discussing and thinking about sex all the time
  • Involuntary rubbing of the penis against the bed sheet while sleeping may cause an erection
  • Inadequate ejaculation of sperms during sexual activity and weak nerves
  • Going to bed with a full urinary bladder
  • Extreme stress and anxiety
  • Obesity or physical inactivity
  • Inflammation of the prostate gland
  • Intake of sex hormones supplements
  • A heavy dosage of medicines like anti-depressants


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