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The first and most important way to find out if a girl is virgin without asking her is by well…asking her.

 The second best way to find out is to believe her. I’m sorry to burst your bubble but, there’s no magical way to find out if a girl is sexually active or not. 

I wish! II wish it were that simple to know if a girl  is a virgin or not. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. You’re going to have to take a girls world for it when she tells you. And if she lies, then, she lies. 

Quite frankly, the only true way you can know if a girl is really a virgin is by asking her .Everything you think you know as a man is wrong. And I mean every single thing.

I wish I could come up with a thousand and one absurd claims that I’ve stumbled upon myself and feed it to you, but I would be lying. And you would be buying it happily because you desperately want to believe them. 

People are comfortable selling lies on the internet, i, on the other hand would rather tell people how it is.

Also I’m a bit worried that you are a bit fixated on something as intimate as a person's sexual history. It’s not only very invasive and wrong, it is also a  topic that should be approached tentatively.

If you’re with a girl that you like and see a potential  future with her, then just ask her outrightly. You should akso be ready to be transparent about your sexual life too.

Regardless of her sexual experience or lack of, (or yours) a healthy loving relationship can still effortlessly exist. 

There have been so many myths and opinions made by men and even women on how to identify a girl who is still a virgin

Reading some of them has me clutching my belly in laughter. Oh! How wrong all of them are! 

So many guys think they've cracked a girl’s virginity,  but in reality, they're just chasing unicorns. 

While I can’t help you with tips on how to know if a girl is a virgin or not, I can help you with a list of some of the most common myths about  a girl's virginity that are just completely wrong.

10 Common Myths About Virginity

The 'Fingerprints' Myth

Some believe that the more calloused a girl's fingers are, the more likely she's a virgin because, well, virgins clearly never touch anything, right? How hilarious is that? Newsflash! Calloused fingers could be from playing the guitar, doing heavy lifting, or even playing video games excessively. Virginity has nothing to do with it.

The Walking Gait Test

Umm, yes, lots of people believe the  way a girl walks must be the ultimate giveaway. If she's swaying her hips like a pro, she's not a virgin. Can you even imagine? How does that even make any logical sense? 

Walking style depends on a number of factors, from body confidence to individual quirks. Trying to get meaning into  her 'virgin status' from her stride is about as accurate as predicting the weather by counting pigeons in the park. 

The Feminine Voice 

Some believe that a high-pitched voice is a sign of virginity. Apparently, once you've had sex, your vocal cords undergo a “magical mysterious” transformation. In reality, voice pitch is as unique as a fingerprint and can change over time for numerous reasons, none of which involve bedroom activities.

The Necklace Conspiracy

There's this idea that virgins secretly wear a special 'V' sign around their necks, like a badge of honor. So, if you spot a necklace with an unusual charm, she must be a virgin, right? So all the girls named Vanessa or Venus with v necked necklaces are burn. Right? I’m guessing you know the answer to that. 

The Shy Stare  Fallacy

Some folks think that if a girl doesn't maintain direct eye contact, she's definitely a virgin because she's 'shy.' While it's true that some people are naturally reserved, others may have different reasons for their gaze patterns. It's like claiming someone is a unicorn because they avoid eye contact – pure fantasy.

The 'Watermelon Seed Theory

Some people believe that if a girl eats watermelon without meticulously removing each seed, she's definitely not a virgin. Yes! I know! When I heard this one, I was so shocked. But that is how wild people can get with their claims. Apparently, the way you eat fruit is now a clear indicator of your sexual history. Come on!? It's just fruit, folks!

The 'Social Media' Stalker Method

In the age of social media, some folks think they can determine virginity by scrolling through a girl's online presence. If her posts are too wholesome or lack certain 'revealing' content, she must be a virgin, right? That couldn’t be farther from the truth. Social media personas rarely reflect real-life experiences accurately.

The Dream Sign

Well! Well! Well! Some people believe that if a girl has dreams about flying, she's a virgin. Apparently, the physics of flight now correlates with one's sexual history. In reality, dreams are mysterious and can't be used as a truth serum.

Remember, people that determine someone's virginity without their consent or through ridiculous methods are not only useless  but also invasive and disrespectful. If you're genuinely curious, the best and most respectful approach is to have an open and honest conversation with the person in question.

In the end, there's only one surefire way to know if a girl is a virgin: ask her. It's called communication, I’m sure you’ve heard of it and it's a wonderful wonderful  thing. Taking her word for it is not only respectful but also the only accurate method. All these myths and 'tests' are about as reliable as NEPA. 

So, if you're ever tempted to use these absurd methods to check if a girl is a virgin, just remember: you're on your own!


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