Benefits of the roots of the elephant plant, benefits of the roots of the elephant plant


The name sounds different - the name of the tree is elephant. This plant can be seen among other weeds near old buildings or along roads.

White flowers bloom on the curved stems of this plant. This flower is white like ivory. The tree grows here and there with weeds so it escapes the general view.

Approximately one and a half feet tall. The tree trunk is hollow, soft. There are small hairs all over the body. The upper trunk of the tree is square, the lower part is relatively round. The Sanskrit name is Srihastini. Medicinal properties of elephant trunk

Benefits of Hatishur tree roots, Benefits of Hatishur tree

The scientific name is Heliotropium indicum and in English it is called 'Indian heliotrope'. Also known as Hatishundi, Hatishundi, Hastishundi, Srihastini, Mahashundi etc. as local names. Belongs to the Boraginaceae family. Flowers bloom throughout the year but bloom more during the rainy season. The uterus is four-parted.

Fruits and seeds are small. This plant contains indicine, pyrrolizidine alkaloids and heliothrine. Leaves crisp, opposite to each other. The leaves on the lower part of the branch are large, the petioles are long. The large leaves look like spears. The leaves are fragrant when rubbed with the fingers.

The uses of Hatishur tree

  If a part of the body is swollen due to the bite of a poisonous insect and there is burning in that place, applying its juice on the leaves of this plant is beneficial.

  In traumatic swelling – Applying a little heat on beet leaves reduces swelling and pain.

  If the knuckles of the hands and feet are swollen due to cold, or if there is any swelling between the thigh and lower abdomen, the right and left sides of the lower abdomen, the leaves of this plant are gently warmed and applied to the affected area to reduce the swelling and pain.

  Its leaf juice is used to cure red chaka chaka spots due to fungal infections in the body.

  If for some reason the eyes are bright red, stinging - it seems that sand has fallen. If this is the case, the juice of the leaves of the elephant trunk tree is an infallible medicine.

  If you have a cold, take two spoonfuls of the juice of this elephant leaf and the cold will be cured.

  To get rid of eczema, if you apply the crushed leaves of Hatishur plant on the affected area, the eczema will be cured after a few days of use.

  Leaves of this plant can be an effective remedy in typhoid disease. The juice of its leaves mixed with warm water is good for typhoid.

  Its leaf juice is used to cure red chaka chaka spots due to fungal infections in the body.

  People suffering from gingivitis reduce the gingival swelling in the main gums of Hatishur.

  In case of acne or its scars, the leaves and young branches of the elephant tree are crushed and applied on the acne 1 hour before taking a bath in the afternoon, the acne heals and no more acne occurs. Medicinal properties of elephant trunk

Finally: Benefits of Elephant Root

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