Should you eat eggs every day, what happens to the body if you eat eggs every day?

 Eating eggs is very beneficial for health. It is very difficult to find such a nutritious meal option for less money. So nutritionists say to eat eggs regularly. But how many eggs can be eaten a day? It is very important to know the answer to this question.

Should you eat eggs every day, what happens to the body if you eat eggs every day?

Eggs are a great source of protein, an ideal food. Being readily available and nutritious, it is commonly included in our daily food list. Everyone eats eggs differently. Some may like fried, some poached, and some prefer boiled.

Today we will know how the nutritional value of eggs varies when boiled, poached or fried and which method of eating eggs provides more nutrients from eggs. How many eggs a person can eat per day and also know from him that they should eat eggs with or without yolk. 

Fahmida Hashem said that an egg has a lot of biological value. It contains 74-77 kilocalories, 5.2 grams of fat and 8 grams of protein. How you get the nutrition from eggs depends on the cooking method.

fried eggs

If too much oil is used in frying eggs then it is not healthy. Frying eggs with oil will not reduce the nutritional content, but will increase the unhealthy fats. which is harmful to the body. In that case, frying eggs with a little butter brush or oil spray will be healthy.

egg poach

Poached eggs can also cause gastric problems if done with excess oil. People with gastric problems may develop inflammation. But the poach is more hygienic if it is brushed with a little oil or poached by steaming in a water poach or spoon.

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boiled egg

Boiled eggs are considered to be the healthiest. Because it does not use oil. No matter whether the eggs are undercooked or overcooked, the nutritional value remains the same. However, raw eggs contain many bacteria. Boiling for a short time i.e. 3-4 minutes can kill the bacteria. So it is best if boiled for 7-8 minutes. If someone wants to eat hard yolk after boiling it for 10-12 minutes, they can eat it.

In other words, poached, fried or boiled eggs will be nutritious if the cooking method is healthy.

Apart from these , eating eggs in other ways increases the nutritional value of eggs. For example, sometimes children do not want to eat eggs. I don't like to eat boiled or poached. In that case, if eggs are fried with the addition of various vegetables or baked with cheese, cheese, a cup of milk, then it will be delicious to eat, as well as it will be a high protein food.

How many eggs can one eat per day and the yolk is a topic 

How many eggs a person can eat in a day will depend on his physical condition. A perfectly healthy person can easily eat an egg every day. A healthy person can eat one egg per day till the age of 35 years. Apart from this, you can eat 2-3 egg whites daily. Those over 40 can eat egg whites 4 days a week with egg yolk and 3 days without egg yolk if they want to be careful.

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People who have high blood fat, cholesterol problem, kidney problem etc. depending on their physical condition, how much eggs they can eat. It can be seen that many times the patient is asked to eat the white part of the egg excluding the yolk . Some days it is said to eat with egg yolk. In these cases, eggs should be eaten according to the advice of experts.

Those who do gym or athletes can eat up to 7-8 egg whites a day. Egg yolks are advised to be eaten sparingly because they can raise cholesterol. Egg white contains albumin, which is good for the body.

Finally: How many eggs a day is safe to eat?

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