Premature Ejaculation Causes and Remedies, Why Premature Ejaculation Occurs, Premature Ejaculation Remedies?


Premature ejaculation is a common sexual problem in men. If a man ejaculates before one to one and a half minutes, it is usually called premature ejaculation. Causes and remedies for rapid ejaculation, why rapid ejaculation occurs, rapid ejaculation can be solved?

If ejaculation occurs much sooner than the man or his partner expects intercourse, it is not at all desirable and one or both of them suffer.

Some men ejaculate as soon as foreplay begins. Many lose control while trying to penetrate a partner, while some ejaculate very quickly after penetration.

Regardless, premature ejaculation can cause frustration and conflict between a man and his partner.

Causes and remedies for rapid ejaculation, why rapid ejaculation occurs, rapid ejaculation can be solved?

What is rapid ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation is the rapid or premature ejaculation of sperm during sexual intercourse. It is one of the most sexual problems.

According to research, this problem is seen in every 3 men. Basically, ejaculation after or before the penis enters the woman's vagina during sexual intercourse, that is, ejaculation before sexual intercourse is completed, is called premature ejaculation .

What causes premature ejaculation?

1. Psychological reasons

We may think that this premature ejaculation may have something to do with psychology? Mental health is directly or indirectly related to many of our physical problems. Due to psychological problems, there is no attention during sexual activity, the attitude of sexual activity comes quickly, etc. Because the success of sexual activity depends on how much both partners are enjoying the activity. Which is possible with mental suffering, the reasons that can cause this psychological problem are:

  • stress
  • worry
  • Immense sleep
  • Lack of sex education
  • Any sexual trauma at an early age
  • family feud
  • Not having a good emotional relationship with your partner
  • Don't be confident in yourself
  • Having excessive expectations
  • Any past sexual abuse

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2. physical cause

  • physical weakness
  • drug addict
  • Hormonal problems
  • Heart problems (causes low blood pressure and erectile dysfunction.)
  • A urinary tract infection
  • If the nervous system is damaged by any injury
  • Irregular masturbation
  • Thyroid gland problems
  • After a long time, getting the opportunity to have physical relations

This problem can also be caused by various diseases. They are:

  • Diabetes
  • Syphilis
  • Gonorrhea
  • heart disease
  • Imbalance of testosterone hormone

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Ways to prevent premature ejaculation

It is one of the most hidden and serious diseases but the way to get rid of it is in our own hands. It is possible to cure this disease only by changing some habits and following some rules. Moreover, you can get rid of this disease by changing your diet. The ways are described below:

Solution of physical problems

Taking care of your physical health is the first step to getting rid of premature ejaculation due to any physical problem or getting rid of this problem. All the works by which we can save ourselves from this physical weakness are:

1. Avoid foods containing cholesterol

Such food is harmful for the heart. This can lead to heart disease, which can affect your sexual health if there is a problem with blood circulation.

2. Drink milk regularly

Make it a habit to drink at least one cup of milk every morning and evening. It is better if you can have a few pre-soaked cashew nuts with milk. Also, you can mix saffron, ginger and cardamom in a pinch. It will definitely be beneficial for your sexual health.

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3. Eat nutritious food regularly

This will improve your sexual health which will protect you from premature ejaculation.

4. Condom use

During sexual intercourse, when the penis enters the female vagina and starts stroking, the friction between the two sexes causes the inside of the vagina to heat up. This friction and heat causes the male to ejaculate quickly. In this case it is possible to get rid of this problem by using condom. Lubricants in condoms reduce the rate of this friction. In this case it is better to use thick condom.

5. masturbation

Many of us think that masturbation is harmful to health. This is not 100% correct. Irregular masturbation is harmful to health. Ejaculation occurs quickly after intercourse after a long period of time. As a result of not ejaculating for a long time, the testicles are filled with semen and ejaculation takes place after a few strokes. That's why masturbating regularly after a few days following proper rules can get rid of this problem.

6. Abstain from drugs

Drinking alcohol or smoking damages our heart in a bad way. It causes various heart diseases and it affects our sexual health.

7. Correct sex position to prevent premature ejaculation

There are certain sex positions which lead to rapid ejaculation. Missionary position is one of them. In this method, the woman lies down with her legs spread and the man lies on top of her and has sex. It is not possible to prevent ejaculation. In this case the cowgirl method can be a solution. In this method, the man lies down and the woman sits on top of him to have sex. Moreover, both 'face off' and 'spoon' methods can be used slowly for longer periods of time.

In the face off position, the woman has intercourse on the lap of the man on a chair, bed or table, while in the spoon position, the woman lies on her back and the man lies on her back.

Solving mental problems

Mental problems can lead to lack of concentration during intercourse, leading to problems like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. In this case, the problem should be solved by proper counseling without hiding it.

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1. Keeping yourself free from mental worries

Anxiety weakens us both mentally and physically. Due to this, there is no proper concentration during sexual intercourse, moreover, it leads to the attitude of finishing the sexual act as soon as possible. That's why you should always keep yourself free from stress or anxiety. For refreshment, you can sometimes go for a walk to a natural place.

2. Not having a good relationship with your partner

If you do not have a good relationship with your sexual partner, problems such as premature ejaculation occur during sexual intercourse. Sex becomes miserable. In such a situation, calmly discuss the problems with your partner. Discuss how/in which positions you feel comfortable. This can get rid of this problem.

3. Some more problems

Lack of self-confidence, sexual abuse, repeated recollections of past sexual failures. All of these things will lower your confidence and make you sexier. Get proper counseling for these problems.

Premature ejaculation treatment and medicine

The first treatment to prevent premature ejaculation is to ourselves. The above-mentioned actions like, eating low cholesterol and low sugar foods, eating nutritious food, taking different steps during sexual intercourse, making habit of eating different natural foods like guava, dates, almonds, cashew nuts, honey etc., regular milk with nuts. drinking etc.

Apart from these basic level treatments, there are many other treatments for this disease. The types and methods of this treatment are:

Psychological treatment

If there is any previous trauma or incident of sexual abuse or if there is family conflict, it can cause problems in sexual function. In this case proper counseling should be done to psychologist or sex specialist. Hiding the problem with shame will never solve the problem.

Allopathic treatment

There is no surgery for this disease. Temporary and complete cure from this disease can be obtained through self-practice and consumption of certain medicines. Various types of cream gels and sprays are particularly effective in this regard. However, in the case of taking medicine, you must take the advice of a specialist doctor. Because this is a very sensitive matter, don't take medicine on your own or by looking it up online.

Other medicines for premature ejaculation

Type of medication  Name of medicine  
Homeo treatment for premature ejaculation  Salix niagraconiumacid phosternaleicopodium 
Fast Ejaculation Herbs / Natural Remedies   Madhursun is supgul's husk and basil
Ejaculation delay medication  Coniumsobal ceruletaselinium

Homeo treatment for premature ejaculation

For this disease there are many treatments in homeo system, the names and actions of these medicines are explained below:

  • Salix Niagara

Doctors prescribe this medicine for those men who have high sexual desire and do not want the penis to become hard.

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  • Conium

Ejaculation occurs after initiation of sexual activity or before the penis is inserted into the vagina.

  • Acid phos

This medicine is for those who have problems like body weakness, dizziness, blurred vision etc. after sexual intercourse.

  • the turners

This medicine is effective for those whose semen is thin or low in quantity.

  • Lycopodium

Many people get erectile dysfunction due to excessive intercourse or masturbation. In that case this medicine can give effective results

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Fast Ejaculation Herbs / Natural Remedies

1. honey

For those who have problems with thin semen, one of the herbal ways to thicken the semen is to consume honey. Eat a teaspoon or less at 3 o'clock every day. If you don't get the result within 3 days, consult a specialist doctor.

2. garlic

Those who are slowly losing their sexual ability due to age can fry two cloves of garlic in ghee and eat it with butter and after eating it is better to drink some warm water or milk.

3. Hyssop husk

Drink hyssop husk soaked water before going to bed at night. Your sexual health will improve within a week.

4. 100%

Take 50 ml of the juice of this plant and boil it with 100 ml of ghee on low flame. Then this ghee mixed with 3 grams of half a cup of milk every morning and afternoon will increase sexual power and thicken semen. But at this time you have to restrain yourself.

6. Ram Tulsi

Men who have erectile dysfunction can get relief from this disease by consuming this ram tulsi juice regularly for two weeks.

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Ejaculation delay medication

  • Conium:  It is a homeopathic medicine. This medicine is for those who ejaculate before intercourse.
  • Sobal ceruleta:  It is one of the medicines to increase sexual potency and prolong sexual intercourse. Moreover, its consumption increases sleep, physical strength, digestion and weight.
  • Selenium:  Selenium is one of the solutions for sexual and hormonal problems like insomnia, hair loss, premature ejaculation etc. It is especially effective in constipated patients.

Ejaculation food

1. Shatamooli and ram tulsi juice

Shatamooli and Ramatulsi juice work as one of the herbal remedies for problems such as continued sexual intercourse for a long time, thickening of semen.

2. A variety of healthy foods

  • Goat's milk

There is no substitute for milk to increase our physical strength and improve our sexual health. Goat milk is especially useful in this case. Goat milk produces semen in the body and increases physical capacity.

  • the egg

Egg is one of the most important food for our body. Eggs are rich in vitamins B-5 and B-6. These ingredients regulate the production and flow of hormones in the body and reduce stress. This increases the body's physical strength and sexual power.

  • other

Also, other foods like pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, grapes, oranges, Chinese nuts, pistachios, cashew nuts, watermelon, peaches, bananas, etc. are incomparable in increasing the sexual power of the body.

What plays sperm production?

A homeopathic medicine called Turnera is one of the most effective in sperm production and growth. Also, eating soaked almonds with warm milk and taking Shatamooli juice properly in the above mentioned way thickens semen and increases its quantity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is masturbation?

Answer: Masturbating or swamohana is the act of getting sexual pleasure by oneself without having sex. It is done by both boys and girls.

2. Does masturbation cause any problems with sex?

Answer: Yes, masturbation is harmful to the genitals of both boys and girls. As a result of masturbation, it can lead to diseases like syphilis and gonorrhea along with loss of sexual power, weakness of the body. In boys, the penis has no bones, it is rigid and this condition is maintained by the strength of the nerves in the penis which signals the brain and pumps blood to the penis. But, as a result of masturbation, these nerve cells are destroyed by the pressure of the hand, and subsequently the penis takes time to harden or does not harden at all. In girls, masturbation can cause vaginal sores, bleeding and burning during urination.
3. Ejaculation after how many minutes after intercourse is considered premature ejaculation?

Answer: There is no such fixed time. However, if the man loses control and ejaculates immediately after intercourse or within 2-5 minutes, it is considered as premature ejaculation. Moreover, if you are able to return to sexual activity after some time, then this condition can be considered as normal.

4. Are there any side effects of aphrodisiac drugs?

Answer: Yes, most erectile dysfunction drugs have side effects. Kidney damage is one of them. To get rid of this problem, make a habit of consuming herbal medicines and sexual enhancement foods. Even if the result does not come immediately, you will get the result after a certain period of time and there will be no harm to the body.

5. Are there any side effects of aphrodisiac drugs?

Answer: Yes, aphrodisiacs have side effects just like aphrodisiacs. Rather, aphrodisiac drugs are more harmful.

6. What is the way to make girls ejaculate quickly?

Answer: Before intercourse, spend some time between yourselves, kiss each other and do all these activities. By doing this, the sexual tension between both of them will fully wake up. In the vagina of girls there is an organ called clitoris which is similar to penis of boys but much smaller in size. It lies below the first vaginal membrane at the top of the vagina. It is one of the most sensitive parts of women. By caressing or kissing, girls can increase sexual excitement and orgasm faster.
7. How to control premature ejaculation during intercourse?

Answer: Fast ejaculation can be controlled by following proper sex position during intercourse. Moreover, the squeeze method can also stop the movement quickly. If you feel that you will ejaculate with this method, squeeze the base of the penis. After keeping it for some time, you can start having sex again.

8. Does porn addiction cause premature ejaculation?

Answer: It depends on the person. Usually porn addicts turn to masturbation to satisfy their sexual needs. This causes damage to the penis and causes problems like premature ejaculation. However, many couples and pornography addicts usually do not have this problem.

9. Does taking kabiraj or herbal medicine make ejaculation better?

Answer: Herbal medicines make you stronger temporarily but cause serious damage to your body. And, most of the current poets are fake. However, there are some Kavirajas who use herbal remedies in the right way. If you get treatment from such an experienced person, there is a possibility of getting rid of the disease.

10. What is the way to reduce tension during intercourse?

Answer: Before intercourse, talk to your partner, have pleasant conversation. Share your good moments. This will lighten the mind and reduce tension.

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