Intercourse after giving birth How long after giving birth should you have se-x?


New parents take some time to return to a normal marital relationship after giving birth for a number of reasons. Most of the time after giving birth, you may not think much about intercourse due to preoccupation with the newborn.

But you should also plan some intimacy with your partner during this time. Or painful and joyless intercourse later on can create problems between you and your partner.

Intercourse after giving birth How long after giving birth should you have sex?

For women, sex after pregnancy is just as important as before pregnancy. But often, due to various changes in the women's body after childbirth, such as pain, dryness of the genitals, bleeding and wounds, the situation becomes very stressful.

Also, due to physical problems and being busy with child care, many couples are unable to fix the right time to reconnect with their partner. So, if you have just had a baby, here are some things you should know about sex after delivery.

After how long will you start?

There is no hard and fast rule as to when to have sex after giving birth. However, it is generally advised to abstain from intercourse for up to 6 weeks after delivery. Most couples resume intercourse within eight weeks of delivery. However, you can start intercourse after four to six weeks if you want.

When you think you are ready for sex after giving birth is very much up to you. You may feel tired taking care of the newborn. As a result of fatigue, the desire for intercourse does not come anymore. In this case, wait until your body recovers from the changes caused by pregnancy and delivery.

Effect of Childbearing on Cohabitation

Having intercourse for the first time up to three months after childbirth can lead to various problems. But with time everything will be fine. In about six months, all the problems are greatly reduced. Problems you may face after intercourse after delivery-

1. Vaginal or genital dryness

After delivery, your genitals or vagina may feel quite dry due to hormonal changes. Vaginal or genital dryness may cause pain during intercourse. This problem can be more especially in case of mothers who breastfeed their children. Because in their case, the amount of female sex hormone estrogen decreases a lot. This estrogen hormone works to release the natural lubricant of the vagina.

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2. Thinning of the vaginal skin

The skin on your vagina can thin as a result of a caesarean section and for hormonal reasons. This can lead to a tendency for your vagina to tear during intercourse.

3. Decreased elasticity of vaginal muscles

If you have a normal, i.e. vaginal, delivery, the vaginal muscles are stretched a lot during your delivery. The elasticity of these muscles decreases. This can also cause discomfort during intercourse.

4. Weakness and decreased sexual desire

Many mothers do not get proper sleep and rest while taking care of the newborn after giving birth. This can make you feel weak from fatigue and it can also affect your sex drive.

5. Episiotomy and cesarean tear pain

If you had an episiotomy or caesarean section, pain from the wound may cause fear of intercourse. If you have a normal delivery, you may have sores on your genitals and vagina. It can also affect your intercourse.

6. Postpartum depression

After giving birth, your body undergoes many changes. Body composition does not completely return to pre-pregnancy shape immediately after delivery. Even going back is quite time consuming. Many mothers think that their partners may not find them attractive anymore. As a result, many suffer from postpartum depression. It can also affect your intercourse.

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Consult a doctor if you have any of the following symptoms due to your post partum depression –

  • Horrible mood swings
  • Aversion to food
  • Too much fatigue
  • Thoughts and tendencies to harm self or child

Birth control methods

One of the things you should not think about when having sex after delivery is birth control.

You can get pregnant again soon after giving birth. In this case, if the interval between two children is less than 18 months or more than 59 months, you may have various problems related to pregnancy. [8]  Therefore, according to experts, one should wait at least 18 months before conceiving again after giving birth. [9]

So take at least 18 months between two children and use any form of birth control every time you have sex after giving birth.


With mutual understanding and a few simple steps you can make intercourse after delivery enjoyable for you and your partner. For this follow the following tips-

1. Take it slow:  Your body doesn't go back to being the same immediately after giving birth. So take your time. Spend time intimately before intercourse. Touch each other.

2. Increase foreplay:  Let your body make its own natural lubricant before using anything artificial. Play four.

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3. Use Lubricant:  Within a few days after delivery, your body's hormones return to normal. Lubricants can still help a little. Avoid oil based lubricants in this case. This can damage the condom. In addition, it can cause discomfort in sensitive genital areas. You can use water-based or water-based lubricants.

4. Make time for yourself:  You may not be able to make time for yourself while taking care of the child. Take some time for yourself. For example, give yourself time when the baby falls asleep or starts to sleep. Avoid haste during this time.

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5. Talk to your partner:  If you have any problems with intercourse, talk openly with your partner first. How you feel, how you don't feel—say it all. Also make sure that you don't get any kind of pain.

6. Do pelvic floor exercises:  Pelvic floor exercises help restore the tone or elasticity of your vaginal muscles. Also helps you recover. So if your doctor recommends pelvic floor exercises, do them.

7. Use pain medication if needed:   urinate early to avoid discomfort or pain during intercourse . You can also take a bath in hot water before intercourse. Apart from this, you can use medicine like Napa or Paracetamol if you have vaginal pain. Many people may experience vaginal burning after sexual intercourse. If your vagina or genitals are irritated, you can apply ice or something cold.

8. Take care of yourself:  Taking care of a child is quite a tiring task. So take care of yourself as well as your child. During this time you also eat nutritious food and get enough sleep and rest.

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Finally: How many days after giving birth can you have intercourse? How many days after giving birth is it safe to have sex?

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