Home remedies for neck pain, neck pain? Do it yourself remedies, what to do to get rid of neck pain fast

 Sudden neck pain – it happens to us all too often. Many of us suffer from neck pain due to wrong posture and improper stress on the muscles during daily movement and activities.

Most of the time it is possible to get rid of neck pain just by changing the correct standing, sitting or lying posture. Also, if neck pain occurs, the pain usually goes away if the neck muscles are rested for two days.

Home remedies for neck pain, neck pain? Do it yourself remedies, what to do to get rid of neck pain fast

However, if your neck pain does not improve with such home remedies and if the pain persists, you should see a doctor immediately.

Causes of neck pain

Neck pain can be caused by poor sleeping posture, tension or stress, prolonged head tilt, lying on a soft mattress or prolonged posture.

Muscle strains and injuries to the neck are the most common causes of neck pain. But there is nothing to worry about. Natural home remedies will help to cure this pain quickly. Know what to do-


Do some exercises to reduce neck pain. This will make the neck muscles flexible and stronger. For this, first tilt your head back and forth. After doing this 5 times, turn your head to the right once. Then turn left.

After doing this for a while, rotate the head clockwise and anti-clockwise 10-15 times. It might hurt a little at first. But there is no reason to fear. Doing these exercises every 2-3 hours will cure neck pain quickly.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a great home remedy for neck pain and stiffness. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agents present in apple cider vinegar can reduce stress and pain in the neck muscles.

For this, mix a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and a little water. Warm water is better. Soak a cloth in it and keep it on the neck pain for an hour. Repeat this twice a day until the neck pain is relieved.

Massage therapy

Massage therapy can cure any pain in the body. Also helps you sleep better. May stimulate blood flow and increase muscle performance.

For this you will need olive, mustard or coconut oil. First take a bath with lukewarm water. Then wipe the entire body. Heat a tablespoon of oil and massage it on the neck.

Massage gently in circular motions for a few minutes. Repeat this every morning. You can massage the neck again at any time of the day. But do not rub any injured area if there is excessive pain.

Ice pack

Ice is great for reducing muscle inflammation. Applying an ice pack increases vasodilation of the skin, which helps cool blood flow back to the neck muscles. For this you will need ice cube, towel.

First put the ice cubes in the towel and place it on the neck. Leave it for few minutes. You can take ice pack three to four times a day.

What to do to prevent neck pain-

>> When you use laptop or PC; Then make sure the screen is at eye level.

>> When using your mobile phone, make sure your neck is not strained while texting.

>> Do regular neck exercises to keep your neck muscles relaxed.

>> Don't drive for long periods of time. Because it can make your neck and back stiff.

>> If you feel neck pain due to sleeping position; So use the right pillows and bedding.

If you have mild neck pain or stiffness, you can take these simple steps to relieve it:

  1. Apply ice for the first few days. Next, apply heat to the neck by straining with a heating pad or hot towel, or by taking a hot shower.
  2. You can take pain relievers such as ibuprofen or paracetamol as prescribed by your doctor.
  3.  Stay away from activities that aggravate your neck pain – sports, exercise, weight lifting – for a few days. Start slowly when returning to these activities.
  4. Do neck exercises daily. Slowly rotate your head left-right and up-down.
  5. Practice proper posture while standing, sitting, lying down, walking, and doing daily activities. You should give up the habit of walking hunched over, looking down at the phone or computer for a long time, or sleeping in a crooked position.
  6. Avoid working with mobile phone between neck and shoulder.
  7. Likewise, do not stand or sit for long periods of time. Change your position and posture frequently. 
  8. You can take a gentle massage of the neck.
  9. Use a special type of pillow for sleeping that keeps the neck in the right position.
  10. Do not use a neck brace or collar without a doctor's advice. Because it can aggravate your neck pain if you don't use it properly.

Most of the time, neck pain can subside within a few days and is not serious. But in some cases, neck pain can be a sign of a serious injury or illness.

If you have neck pain that lasts for more than a week, is severe, or is accompanied by other symptoms, seek medical attention immediately.

finally: Ways to reduce neck pain, what to do if you have neck pain

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