Chicken pox causes symptoms and treatment, chicken pox symptoms and remedies

 Can you take a bath if you have chicken pox? Chicken Pox Medicine:  Chicken Pox is called Jal Basant in Bengali. It is a very complicated disease.

It is a very difficult disease to understand. This disease is contagious and is spread from one person to another very quickly. This disease usually occurs once in a lifetime. And mostly children below 15 years of age are infected with Bacillus. 

Chicken pox causes symptoms and treatment, chicken pox symptoms and remedies

However, people of all ages are prone to chicken pox. Usually this disease is not always seen. The incidence of this disease increases especially during spring weather change. When a family member appears from one person to another, other family members also appear. So we have to be careful in this season. 

What to do if chicken pox? Chicken pox medicine 

Don't ignore chicken pox. If it occurs suddenly, consult a doctor immediately. If not possible then follow the detailed information mentioned in our article. Hope you get rid of this disease soon. So in this article we can know the symptoms of chicken pox, medicine, food list, treatment and what to do if chicken pox? So let's know everything in detail.

What is chicken pox?

Don't know what chicken pox really is at the beginning? Chicken pox or chicken pox is a contagious disease caused by infection with the varicella zoster virus. People of any age can get this disease. However, the incidence rate is higher among those under 15 years of age. And this disease usually occurs once in a lifetime. which spreads in spring.

Why does chicken pox occur? 

Chickenpox infection is more common in spring. Because at that time a virus called varicella zoster infects and spreads around. As a result, this disease is seen.

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How is chicken pox spread?

Other people can also get infected through the sneezing and coughing of a person suffering from this disease or through skin contact or used clothing. Usually after this disease there is some kind of rash on the body. There is a possibility that others may become infected from the crusts of this rash. Because if someone is infected, the disease can spread to others even if the sneeze and cough of the infected person is carried in the air. So other family members should be careful if this disease occurs. 

Symptoms of chicken pox

  • At first, the skin starts to appear as scabs.
  • Scratches turn into rashes. 
  • The body feels pain. 
  • Fever comes.
  • May cause stomach ache. 
  • Itchy red rash. 
  • The rash has a burning sensation. 
  • Water accumulates in the rash and slowly it dries up and turns into a black crust. 
  • Cough and diarrhea may also occur. 
  • Usually the disease lasts from 2 weeks to 1 month.

What to do if you have chicken pox

If you have chicken pox, you can get rid of this disease quickly if you follow some steps. Below are some things to do:

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1. If you have chicken pox, you should always keep the patient cool. For this, the patient should take a bath regularly every day. However, it is important to take a bath. However, bathing in extra cold water cannot be done.

2. Boiling neem leaves and bathing with that boiled water during bathing will get more benefits. Antiseptic properties present in neem will play an effective role in removing pox.

3. Fever can occur in case of pox, so in case of children, medicine should be taken with the doctor's advice. However, adults can take paracetamol if they have a normal fever. 

4. Wash the patient's body with cold water several times a day, it will give some relief to the skin and reduce the pain in the body.

5. Clothes should be changed at least twice a day. This will greatly reduce the risk of infection.

6. If you have pox, it is better not to wear clothes made of other fabrics than cotton, as this may increase the itching or discomfort.

7. If the pox is itchy then never apply nails. Nail biting can leave permanent pox scars on the skin. Again, if that nail touches another part of the body or touches someone's body, then the infection can also spread from it. So if you have pox, keep your nails short.

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8. If excessive itching occurs, you can apply olive oil or calamine lotion to reduce itching.

9. If you have pox, take antibiotics as prescribed by your doctor and also apply antibiotic ointment on the pox.

If you have chicken pox, what foods do not eat?

*Avoid eating fatty foods if you have chicken pox. Foods like butter, oil, nuts, cheese, coconut or chocolate etc. contain extra fat, which can increase the problem of pox. 

*Avoid eating foods with excess oil and spices. Because extra spicy food is bad for stomach. And if there is a pox, sometimes there is a pox inside the mouth, the pain or problem can increase if it gets scabbed.

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*There are certain foods such as walnuts, peanuts, raisins, etc. that contain an amino acid called arginine, which helps in the propagation of chicken pox germs. Although this acid is very good for the body at other times, it should not be consumed during spring.

Food for chicken pox 

  • Drink more water. Because dehydration can occur at this time. But it will be better if you boil the water and drink it.
  • If you have chicken pox, you should eat more fruits, because it will help fill the deficiency in the body. So eat more grapes, bananas, apples etc. And if you don't like eating fruit, you can eat fruit juice. 
  • If you have chicken pox, the body needs more minerals and other vitamins. This is why bottled water is most beneficial.
  • You can eat more boiled vegetables at this time. If you can eat without oil, otherwise you can use olive oil. 
  • Yogurt is very effective in curing any skin problem. So you can eat yogurt.
  • If you have chicken pox, you can eat more foods rich in vitamin C. 
  •  Neem leaf juice can be consumed along with bathing. No matter how bitter it is, you will get benefits for the body. 

Treatment of chicken pox

There is no specific treatment for chicken pox. As the disease is caused by a virus, no specific medicine is required for this disease. But according to its symptoms like fever, itching, pain medicine is given. If the disease is more, depending on its severity, sometimes antiviral or antibacterial drugs are also given. In addition to this, taking precautions, following advice and rules will get better quickly. 

Chicken pox lotion

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If you have chicken pox, you can use the following lotions. 

  • Calamine 
  • Calamilon
  • Calamine M

Chicken pox scar removal cream

You can use the following creams.

  • Skinova antiseptic cream
  • Berberis Cream
  • Soneta Cream
  • Betamethasone Cream

Home Remedies to Remove Pockmarks

When chicken pox or chicken pox gets better, its scars remain. If nothing is done to remove the scars, these scars become permanent. After that, you have to carry this scar for the rest of your life. Usually chicken pox heals within 1 to 2 weeks and scars remain. So below I will tell you some ways to remove stains at home, if you use them, I hope you can get rid of the stains quickly. Everyone can try and hope it will benefit.   

Dub water:-  Dub water is very beneficial for any skin problem. You can remove any skin spots very easily. Therefore, tap water plays a very effective role in removing pox scars. So, once the pox gets better, you should apply the water on the spots regularly every day. Continue as long as the stain lasts. 

Butter:-  Butter is very useful in removing pox spots. Because apply fresh butter regularly on the spot of pox spots. Hopefully the scar will go away within a week. Butter works very quickly to remove stains. 

Baking Soda:-  Baking soda can also be used to remove pimple marks. Baking soda is an alkaline substance. Its acidity is said to be very low level. So take half a tablespoon of baking soda in a glass of water and mix it well. Apply regularly on the spots. Hope it will work well to remove the stain. 

Marigold:-  Marigold works well to remove chicken pox scars. So soak 2 tablespoons of marigold flowers in a cup of water overnight. Then in the morning make a paste with marigold flowers and then apply it on the spots. The spots will disappear very quickly. 

Lemon juice:-   You can mix lemon juice with water and apply it on the spots. Lemon juice is very effective in removing any blemishes. So it works very well to remove pox scars. But try to apply it at night. Sunlight mixed with lemon juice during the day can cause problems.

Honey:-  You can apply honey 3-4 times daily. Because honey is very beneficial for the skin. You can use honey as long as the stain remains.

Oatmeal:-  Oatmeal can be used to get rid of chicken pox spots and itching. You will get a lot of benefits. Take a cup of warm water with half a cup of oatmeal. Then it can be cooled and applied on the spots. 

Sandalwood Oil:-  Sandalwood oil is used by many of us for skin care. Sandalwood oil is second to none to enhance the beauty of the skin. So sandalwood oil is very effective in removing chicken pox scars. You will get good benefits if you use it regularly.

Garlic:-  It is not good to eat garlic during smallpox. But once the pox gets better then it will help to remove the pox scars. So you can regularly apply raw garlic on the spots every night after making it a bit bitter.

Coconut oil:-  For those who have scars for a long time but still scars remain. They can apply coconut oil on the spots every morning.

Papaya and honey paste:-  Papaya and honey paste works well to remove pox scars. Because these contain enzymes, amino acids, etc. that remove stains quickly. So make a paste with ripe papaya and honey and apply it on the spots 2 times a day.

Aloe Vera Gel:-  Apply the liquid gel extracted from the raw leaves of Aloe Vera on the spots daily. Then the stain will disappear quickly.

FAQ (Answers to your frequently asked questions) 

Can you take a bath if you have chicken pox?

If you have chicken pox, you must take a bath. You can take a bath every day. However, scrubbing cannot be done during the bath. If possible, you can boil neem leaves and take a bath with this water. You will benefit from it. 

How long does chicken pox last?

Chicken pox usually gets better within 1-2 weeks. But the scars remain for a long time. Regular treatment can get rid of pox and scars quickly. 

Doa of chicken pox

Among the attributes of Allah Ta'ala (اَلْمَجِيْدُ) 'Al-Majidu' is an important name. Practicing this holy name regularly reduces the prevalence of diseases in areas affected by spring diseases or epidemics.

last word 

Chicken pox is nothing to worry about. If you are regularly careful and also take chicken pox medicine and follow the rules, you can get rid of this disease quickly. 

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