What happens after breast implant?, breast implant cons, breast implant pros and cons


What happens after breast implant?, breast implant cons, breast implant pros and cons

What happens after breast implant?, breast implant cons, breast implant pros and cons

Rest Implants – i.e. to enlarge your breast pair by doing plastic surgery. Women's breasts have always been the object of absolute desire for men. And women also try to get these big breasts. Anyone can now get the breast size they want with breast implants. This breast augmentation is done by filling the breast with a silicone pad operation. Although no one admits it in our country, nowadays many women get breast implants.

In addition, there is not much concern about it in other developed countries including India. Simply speaking, breast implants are breast implants that increase the size and structure of the breasts by filling them with silicone implants through a very simple operation. Its purpose is only one, to enhance beauty. But what are the side effects of this beauty enhancement? Does the baby have problems breastfeeding after breast surgery? Can breast size be lost? What are the risks?

Currently, breast implants are the hot topic of the moment. Many people have been curious about this issue after an actress got breast implants. She claims that she tried to break the taboo through breast implants. Because the breast is a part of the body. There is nothing wrong with trying to enhance the beauty of this organ like other organs. However, if someone wants to get breast implants for beauty enhancement, that's up to them. However, since this topic is being shown as breaking the taboo, this is for those who think that breaking the taboo can be done with breast implants. Everyone needs to know how medical science views breast implants, and whether there are any harmful side effects. Laugh about breast implants and whatever you do, this is not something to be taken lightly. Not only is it an expensive operation, but the results are not guaranteed.

Breast implant surgery usually takes 60 to 90 minutes. After surgery, the body needs some time to adjust to the new conditions. There is a chance of some pain after the surgery. The body feels discomfort for a few weeks. Breasts may swell, there may be a throbbing sensation There may be a tight feeling. However, this surgery is also risky. If the operation is not done properly, the surgeon is not experienced then this operation can be counterproductive.

Complications that can occur in breast implants-

1. Scars from the operation are visible.
2. Breast tissue hardens. The damaged area of ​​the tissue is wrinkled.
3. There is a possibility that the implant site may leak and rupture the lump.
4. Folds may form at the implant site
5. The implanted area in the breast moves cyclically, creating waves that can cause discomfort.
6. If the implant is removed, there is a possibility of infection.
7. The worst part is that you will not be able to breast feed the baby as a result of the implant, even if you can, the amount is very little!
8. Another complication that can occur is that the results you expect from breast implants may not be satisfactory, resulting in the need for re-operation.
9. The nerve of the breast nipple will be damaged.

There may be some other complications but they are less. For example-

1. Excessive bleeding may occur during the operation.
2. May cause allergies.
3. Blood pressure can be inside the body.

Also, breast implants are known to be linked to a cancer called lymphoma. It doesn't happen often, but it can't be ruled out. Moreover, this cancer can occur years after the implant, if not immediately

There are different types of implants. For example, silicone implants, saline implants.

Silicone implants are less prone to breast sagging, tissue tightening, and scarring than saline implants. Here we have to see what the silicone is, if it is a soft gel type silicone then it can spread all over the breast. If the silicone ruptures, the implant must be removed completely. An implant usually lasts ten to fifteen years, after which it needs to be replaced at least once As a result, having an implant once is not the solution to all problems.

Saline implants that are implanted with salt water saline The good thing about this implant is that it can be safely removed from the body if it ruptures. Because, if this implant leaks, it is easy to understand and measures can be taken before it spreads. However, the breast that has the problem is smaller than the other breast.

However, those who will have breast implants should know that there are some problems that can be seen immediately after the surgery, whether or not there is a problem with the breast. For example, the skin around the breast may become red. Breasts may suddenly become swollen May cause severe pain. If one experiences these problems after the implant, the place where the operation was performed should be contacted immediately. Because, breast implant operation can sometimes be diverted in the wrong direction.

Side effects of breast implants can occur at any time. 20 percent of women who have breast implants in hopes of enhancing their beauty are forced to remove the implants after only 8-10 years. And if you don't replace it after removing it, the breast shape will be lost, and even if you replace it, the result may not be satisfactory.

About breast implants, a woman named Bianca commented on the Qoura platform, “The only aspect of breast implants is that the breasts will be bigger and you will get more sexual attention from men. If you are a porn star or stripper then this will increase your income. And all the rest are harmful aspects of breast implants. You will suffer from health problems. Since it is not lifetime, after ten years the implant has to be removed and replaced And there are risks with this surgery."

Jessica, another woman who got breast implants, now thinks that the happiest people who get plastic surgery are those who get breast reduction surgery. Instead of looking beautiful in the eyes of others with breast implants, you should do something in your life so that people pay attention to work. Although this woman got temporary attention after breast implant, she understood the discomfort.

The Bangladeshi woman, who is also an actress, has been in the news for several days after getting breast implants at a cost of 35 lakh taka. He is a source of laughter in various interviews by saying funny things, even more funny is his Facebook live. He said, after getting breast implants, everyone is looking at him now, people eat Usta on the streets just by seeing him. He says these things in such a way that he is enjoying himself, and people also enjoy seeing him. Her boyfriend also wants to come back again. The investigation has increased more than before.

The thing is, what he did was his personal decision. He claims it is an act of courage, he has done something like breaking the taboo. The problem is, he's comparing it to talking about women's periods. Period is a very normal and natural process for women. This itself is being spoken boldly by many these days. It's quite strange. Because, breast implant is not a natural practice, giving a new shape to the normality of the body by surgery There is no taboo breaking here. Because, the beauty of a woman is not only in the breast.

However, if someone's definition of beauty warrants breast implants, that's up to them. However, it is important to know that breast implants are not a permanent solution There is no guarantee that everyone gets the desired results after breast implants. There is a risk to it. So those who want to have implants, should keep these aspects in mind.


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