Ways to prevent pneumonia in children, when to suspect that the child has pneumonia?

 One-and-a-half-year-old Raisa keeps the house clean all the time. And since he learned to walk, he has been running from house to house all the time. Ways to prevent pneumonia in children

But for the past few days he has been down due to cold and cough. Sometimes fever is coming at night.

Ways to prevent pneumonia in children, when to suspect that the child has pneumonia?

After four days, his parents took him to the doctor. The doctor can understand that the child is suffering from pneumonia. But still in the initial stage. After talking about some medicine and food, he asked me to take him to the doctor again after three days.

After taking medicine and enough food, Raisa's mother Soma realizes that her daughter is now quite healthy. Still, after three days, he was taken to the doctor again. The doctor advised to continue the medicines for another five days.

Dr. Murad Hossain said, Pneumonia is basically a disease caused by lung inflammation. The spread of this disease is caused by various viruses, fungi, bacteria. Lungs are severely damaged due to pneumonia. According to him premature birth, air pollution, environmental pollution

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Pneumonia kills about 25,000 children in Bangladesh every year. In addition, 16 percent of children under 5 months of age worldwide die of pneumonia.

In other words, every 35 seconds a child dies of pneumonia in the world. However, these deaths can be prevented if the right steps are taken.

To combat pneumonia, know how it spreads:

  • Germs in children's noses can also travel to the lungs and cause inflammation.
  • From the mucus that comes out when the infected person sneezes,
  • Can spread from blood after birth.

The most effective way to protect a child from pneumonia is to vaccinate the child against pneumonia. Ways to prevent pneumonia among children in the National Immunization Program in Bangladesh

Children are vaccinated against pneumonia. Apart from this, a vaccine called Pneumovax-23 is available in the market.

Also, getting the flu vaccine every year for children who have allergies is a good way to prevent pneumonia. 

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Along with these, it is necessary to ensure proper nutrition, breast milk and provide high energy complementary foods to boost the baby's immunity.

Parents must teach the child the ways of keeping clean and observe them themselves. Children should be taught that from an early age

When you sneeze, cover your nose with a tissue or sleeve, discard the tissue after use and wash your hands regularly.

Adults should also wash their hands thoroughly before handling any young child.

Things that children touch a lot like toys, tables, etc. should be cleaned regularly with soap and water and disinfected. As well as at home

Take care that no one smokes and that nothing produces too much smoke.

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Prevention is always better than cure. To survive a disease as deadly but so easily preventable as pneumonia, there is no substitute for adequate precautions.

Finally: Ways to protect children from pneumonia, what is the name of the bacteria responsible for pneumonia?

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