That is why caution is important after cataract surgery


That is why caution is important after cataract surgery

Inside the eye is a natural transparent lens. If the natural lens becomes cloudy for some reason, light is blocked from entering the eye. This clouding of the lens is called a cataract.

Treatment: Cataract treatment operation. The cloudy lens is cut out and replaced with a clear artificial lens. Artificial lens replacement restores vision after surgery.

Treatment method: Phaco operation is modern method. It has a slight tear factor. The risk is infection after the operation.

In order to save the eyes from post-operative infection, it is forbidden to put water on the eyes after the operation, put hands on the eyes or wipe the eyes with a dirty cloth or clean the eyes, take a bath, etc. Diabetic patients are more prone to infection. So controlling diabetes is very important.

There are some restrictions on movement after the operation. So more caution is needed in eating and drinking at this time. Another is to use medicine regularly. If you follow these steps, you will be protected from infection. Symptoms such as sudden blurring of vision, sudden redness and pain in the eyes, and persistent watering of the eyes should be brought to the attention of the surgeon at any time within one month after the operation. Because these are often signs of infection.

Many patients are quite functional. Regularly work in office, study or computer. He asked, how many days can he work after the operation?

If necessary, you can go to work after a week of rest. But if you want to work on the screen, it is as much as possible in the initial condition. The second question remains, how long to wear dark glasses.

After the operation, as the light enters the eye unhindered, there is a kind of discomfort.

So black glasses are given, so that the eyes can tolerate the light. It is not a problem to avoid dark glasses if the light does not bother you. The third is, after how long you will take a bath. Many surgeons prefer one month.

However, after phaco operation, you can shower after two weeks. However, the matter should be followed by the advice of the surgeons in the post-operative phase.

Many people want to know how many days after an operation, the other eye can be operated. In this case, if it is not urgent, it can be done at least after a month. Since there is a risk of infection a month after the operation, it is better to go for a second operation after this period.

In that case, a decision should be made in consultation with the surgeon. In some cases, the infection may also cause blurred vision. Such as pre-existing diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney disease etc. problematic retinopathy, glaucoma, macular degeneration, retinal detachment, macular hole, blood vessel and bleeding problems, uveitis complications etc.

In such a situation, the next step of treatment should be taken. It is very important to take care of the eyes for a few weeks after the operation to get 100% benefit from cataract surgery.


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