Taking more calcium drugs can accumulate kidney stones?


Taking more calcium drugs can accumulate kidney stones?

After a certain age, both men and women lose bone strength. So many people take calcium medicine as per doctor's advice. Postmenopausal women are also more likely to develop osteoporosis. Most of the people think that excess calcium gets deposited in the kidneys or urinary tract. Later it turned into stone.

But doctors say, this idea is not completely correct but not completely wrong. But before making this assumption, it is important to know the relationship between calcium supplements and kidney stones. Excess calcium, oxalate and phosphorus are excreted in the urine. In the absence of sufficient water, all these elements begin to accumulate in the urinary tract or kidneys. If it gets stuck in any part, then unbearable pain starts in the back and waist. Difficulty urinating, some also develop fever due to infection.

Various studies have shown that the kind of kidney problems that can occur from calcium drugs or supplements are not caused by eating calcium-rich foods.

Researchers say that this calcium-rich food can in turn reduce the risk of kidney stones. Because, the body has its own ability to metabolize the type of calcium contained in food. But taking supplements from outside cannot adapt to the normal process. Therefore, the level of calcium, oxalate or phosphorus in the urine increases.

Doctors say that without drinking enough water, these minerals accumulate in the urinary tract and adjacent parts.

The idea that calcium supplements will prevent kidney stones does not apply to everyone. Minerals in common foods are enough to form stones. In some cases, the tendency to develop kidney stones is genetic. So you have to be careful even if you don't take calcium medicine.


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