Leg pain increases more in winter, Why Leg Pain Increases in Cold Weather


Leg pain increases more in winter, Why Leg Pain Increases in Cold Weather

Leg pain increases more in winter, Why Leg Pain Increases in Cold Weather 

Cracked feet in winter. Leg pain also increases, especially in older people with leg, knee, ankle pain becoming common.

At other times the nerve becomes hypersensitive to a stimulus that is much less than the amount of sensitivity required to stimulate it. This is one of the reasons why pain increases in winter.

Reasons for pain: Arthritis increases when winter comes. The temperature changes as the biometric pressure decreases during this time.

So the pain increases. Sciatica is one of the causes of body pain in winter. This nerve is the largest in the body. If there is too much pressure, the body starts to feel discomfort and pain. In winter, this problem is aggravated, with tension in the muscles. Because muscles are not flexible.

Meanwhile, while using the muscles for various tasks, the leg muscles become tense and painful. Fibromyalgia is often misunderstood. As a result, I do not understand where the problem is, why it is happening.

And if it is neglected, the pain from the feet spreads to other parts of the body. As a result, muscle or joint pain should be consulted without delay. Exercising too much and staying in areas with sub-zero temperatures can increase stress levels more than normal.

As a result, the legs and knees naturally ache. Many people drink less water in winter.

If you drink less water than the body needs, there is a fluid deficiency in the body. If you drink less water, the pain starts, especially in the elderly, the reason for the increase in leg pain is that they prefer to stay under blankets instead of walking in winter.

Due to this, the level of pain is high as the bone junction becomes tighter.

Remedy: Physical work should be done. Walk indoors and exercise regularly instead of going out in the cold. This will reduce the risk of joint stiffness. Drink two and a half to three liters of water every day. When the body loses excess heat in the cold, the blood circulation in the hands and feet decreases and the pain can increase to a great extent.

So care should be taken so that the body does not lose excess heat. Hot poultices provide some relief from the pain.

Because when exposed to something hot, muscles relax and blood vessels dilate. As a result, there is a lot of relief from pain. For those who regularly undergo physiotherapy to treat arthritis, if pain worsens, treatment or exercise should be done as per the advice of a specialist physiotherapist.

If you curl up in fear of pain in winter, the pain will increase. If the pain is more, you can take painkillers with the doctor's advice. However, no pain medication should be used or consumed for a long time. More pain and longer duration

  If this is the case, consult a specialist doctor. If it is too cold outside, you should practice walking regularly for at least 15 to 20 minutes indoors. Remember, there is no alternative to walking to keep the body healthy. Exercise regularly in a scientific way, build a pain-free life.

Author: Chief Consultant and Chairman


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