Kidney stones! How to understand?


Kidney stones! How to understand?

Unhealthy lifestyle, irregular eating habits, tendency to eat fried foods - neglecting the body affects the kidneys. That's why doctors say to be careful. Generally, to understand whether there is a kidney problem or not, whether the amount of water intake is correct according to the body's needs, whether there is any pain in the waist or lower abdomen, whether there is burning during urination or not, doctors ask to keep an eye on these.

Kidney disease is not always diagnosed early. Even if there is a problem, it is caught too late. This caution is not enough to detect whether kidney stones have accumulated or not. The symptoms of this disease also depend on where the kidney stones are located and how many there are. If the stones are very small in size, there may be no symptoms. If you know the symptoms, you can be aware of this disease in advance. What are the symptoms of kidney stones?

1) Kidney stones can cause severe pain in the back and both sides of the ribs. Do not ignore the pain even if it is slight. A doctor's advice should be taken from the beginning. If the pain is left for a long time, the complications inside the body may increase.

2) There may be pain in the lower abdomen. If this pain persists for several days, do not dismiss it as a common problem. One of the symptoms of kidney stones is abdominal pain. If the pain does not subside, definitely consult a doctor.

3) Kidney stones cause burning during urination or after urination. Talk to your doctor immediately if you experience any pain during urination. Bad smelling urine, blood in the urine is more of a concern. Do not ignore these symptoms once they occur.

4) Nausea, dizziness, physical fatigue, loss of appetite after eating anything - these can be symptoms of kidney stones. Many people mistake these symptoms for gas-burn. So if you have any such symptoms do not avoid but talk to the doctor.

5) Frequent fever is a symptom of kidney stones. There is no reason to assume that a fever is due to a cold. Even if you have kidney stones, you get fever.


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