Keep children away from cold-related diseases, to keep children away from cold-related diseases


Keep children away from cold-related diseases, to keep children away from cold-related diseases

Winter  comes in late autumn  . It is the coldest season. Generally, it starts in November and lasts till February. Winter  is the season of mist and fog.

Keep children away from cold-related diseases, to keep children away from cold-related diseases

Dry weather and dust in winter affects children too. But with special care and a little extra care, they can live well. Parents should be aware of this.

Cold wind and dust

Children should be kept away from cold air and dust. If the child has an allergy, it is better not to go to crowded places. Ginger-lemon tea, gargled in hot water, honey, tulsi leaf juice etc. can be given in case of cold problem. But if the problem is more, consult a doctor.

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Use hot water

Children should be made to drink and use lukewarm water during this winter. Neem leaves can be mixed with lukewarm water for bathing. After waking up in the morning, children will be free from cold problems if they use warm water for brushing their teeth, washing their hands and mouth, and eating. Children should be bathed regularly even in winter. It is better to use lukewarm water at a temperature close to the body during bathing. In the case of newborns or children who have cold problems, the whole body can be wiped by soaking clothes in hot water. Many people bathe the baby with mustard oil. It leaves the baby's hair wet and cold even after the bath.

winter clothes

Children should wear warm cotton clothes. But it is not right to wear woolen clothes directly. Children may be allergic to the small hairs of wool. A cotton cloth should be worn over it with a woolen cloth and the cloth should be of soft cloth.

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Children's appetite decreases during winter. As a result, their body deteriorates. They should be fed nutritious food frequently. Children should be fed egg yolk, vegetable soup and fruit juice to increase the smoothness and brightness of the skin. Especially carrots, beets, tomatoes are very beneficial for children's skin. Apart from this, you can cook khichuri with different types of winter vegetables. Care should also be taken that children do not eat any kind of cold food during this time.

skin care

Children's skin is more sensitive than adults. So their skin becomes very rough. Use baby lotion, baby oil on baby's face and body. Consult a dermatologist if any skin disease occurs.

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finally: How to keep children away from diseases in winter How to keep children away from cold diseases

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