How safe is drinking tea and coffee during pregnancy?


How safe is drinking tea and coffee during pregnancy?

Coffee and tea help relieve physical fatigue, as well as invigorate the mind. Many people start their day with a cup of tea or coffee. However, there is much debate about whether coffee is safe to drink during pregnancy. When the mother consumes food or drink, its nutrients pass into the baby's body. Likewise, toxic substances in food also enter the baby's body.

If asked, is coffee safe during pregnancy? In response, experts say, consuming too much coffee during pregnancy is never safe. Caffeine and other ingredients in it can be harmful to the fetus. Can even cause miscarriage.

Tamanna Chowdhury, chief nutritionist at Apollo Hospitals, said, "Various studies say that coffee can cause miscarriage and it can also cause low birth weight babies."

Also, caffeine in coffee inhibits hemoglobin absorption. It can cause anemia. Excess caffeine reduces appetite. Experts believe that it can reduce the amount of food consumed during pregnancy.

Nutritionist Tamanna Chowdhury also said, 'Many people have constipation problems during pregnancy. And it can aggravate constipation. Again the mother is told to rest during pregnancy. However, drinking tea and coffee can reduce sleep. This may disturb the rest of childbearing women.

Tamanna Chowdhury said that coffee contains more caffeine than tea. "However, the way tea is made with milk or mesh in our country, the amount of caffeine may increase," said Tamanna Chowdhury.

So nutritionist advice, nine months of pregnancy is better to eat limited amount of tea and coffee. And it is best if you can avoid it altogether.


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