Do you know what changes happen to women's bodies after eating boys' semen?


Do you know what changes happen to women's bodies after eating boys' semen?

Some of the reasons men consume semen are sexual gratification, physical benefits, and spiritual. Antibodies in some women cause infertility, seizures and stillbirth. Females remain sexually attracted to their mates through oral sex and ingesting semen

No scientific studies have been conducted on whether sperm feeding has any effect on female depression.

Let us know.

There is no risk for females to feed on the semen of a healthy male. There are no risks in eating semen other than the risks that come with oral sex. Oral intercourse carries the risk of some sexually transmitted infections such as HPV or herpes

Average ejaculate (3.4 ml) contains many nutrients such as zinc, calcium and potassium as well as vitamin B12. Limited research has looked at the health benefits of eating semen.

Antibodies in some women cause infertility, seizures and stillbirth. Through oral sex and ingesting semen, a woman ingests her partner's antigens, which helps in a safer and more successful pregnancy.

Boys' semen is not actually edible or should be. Blue actresses do it to get a lot of exposure in blue films because making blue films is very competitive.

 The more interesting and sensational the film is, the more hits it will get. So these images are often seen in blue images. Also, if a girl drinks a man's semen, there is no chance of her getting pregnant.

If the man whose semen is being drunk has any sexually transmitted disease or if he lives an unclean life, various sexually transmitted diseases can even be caused by mouth cancer. On the whole, it is wiser to prevent sexually transmitted diseases or cancer than to get them.

Religious taboos have discouraged such acts and oral sex. Almost everyone called it unusual and inappropriate.

Although there is a difference of opinion among doctors. Very few doctors say that there is no harm in it as semen mainly consists of protein but this amount of protein is not beneficial to the human body.

But we have to understand the whole matter ourselves as the best creatures of creation. Because, these days, if you open the pages of the newspaper, you can see that the world's famous and expensive movie stars have once been affected by various kinds of deadly cancers of the face while doing these things. At least we should learn from them.

Besides, semen is a kind of impure water . And impure things are included in Haram, so should never be eaten.

If you want to eat, you can eat everything. It is indicative of lack of appetite. Besides, it must be avoided. First, it is perverted sex. Second, it is the easiest and fastest way to spread STDs or sexually transmitted diseases. 

Because, going directly to the stomach. Then from there directly into the blood. All such information seen in western or similar countries is fake and purely business oriented. Tailed foxes want those who have tails to be cut off. Religious scholars say it is forbidden.


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