Cold or hot in winter, which water to bathe?

Cold or hot in winter, which water to bathe?

The mercury is slowly falling. A cold wind is blowing. Many pathogens are becoming active in such situations. The risk of falling under the grip of problems like fever, cold, cough is increasing due to the attack of these viruses and bacteria. Therefore, many people are bathing in hot water instead of cold water to avoid the trap of these sudden problems.

But the question is, should you suddenly take a bath in hot water during winter? At this time, if you bathe in hot water every day, the body will not be warm?

Experts say that it is wiser to bathe in hot water than cold water in winter. Even during this time you can avoid cold and cough if you bathe in hot water regularly.

On the other hand, bathing in cold water can cause sudden drop in body temperature. Some serious physical problems can follow in that situation. So it is better to try to avoid cold water in winter days.

Pain, hot water is best for pain

In winter, many people suffer from pain. Bathing in cold water at this time will not end the danger. Even daily activities can be hampered by pain. So if you want to stay healthy during this time, experts advise you to take a bath in hot water.

Because, hot water has pain relieving power. In particular, it is effective in reducing arthritis pain. So joint pain sufferers should try to take a warm bath every day. This will pave the way for your health.

Can you bathe in hot water all year round?

Experts say that many people bathe in hot water throughout the year. There is nothing wrong with that. Rather stay healthy if you have problems like arthritis, COPD and asthma. But the weather is already hot during summer. Then there is no need to heat water separately. Then it is better to bathe in normal temperature water.

Bathing in hot water makes the body hot?

This idea has no substance. Even if you take a bath in hot water, there is no risk of falling into the trap of stomach problems. So don't keep these misconceptions in mind. Instead, try to bathe in hot water regularly to avoid the onset of winter. That will change the state of health.

Daily bathing is a must

Many people do not bathe every day in winter. That is why they are followed by skin infections. There is even a risk of their stomachs getting hot. So no matter how low the temperature spikes, you have to take a bath every day. Otherwise there will be no end to the problem.



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