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What are the benefits of intercourse


What are the benefits of intercourse, the benefits of female intercourse

Benefits of intercourse Most men engage in intercourse for pleasure and to fulfill their sexual desires. But do you know that sexual intercourse is beneficial for health?

Remember, intercourse is not just about enjoyment; Sex is healthy. Intercourse not only works to satisfy the body and mind but also helps to keep the body healthy and fresh. So have sex happily and keep your mind and body clean.Benefits of intercourse

Learn about the benefits of sex for the body and health in the following article.

Know the health benefits of intercourse:
Modern science has found many benefits of sex for mind, body and good health, the most notable of which are:

• Faith is strengthened by union and the mind is inclined towards worship. No bad thoughts or ideas of bad deeds arise in the heart.

• Regular intercourse keeps the body and mind healthy, improves marital happiness and health.

• Mind and brain are always happy by the intercourse of husband and wife. Believing strength is strengthened and eternal joy is obtained.

• The husband-wife reaction is calm and composed. The serpent of disorder or characterlessness rushes from a distance towards virtue.

• Cohabitation increases trust and love between husband and wife.

Intercourse prayers and rules

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• According to Islamic Shari'ah, if a husband and wife have intercourse, it is equal to the infinite blessings given by Allah Ta'ala. It is like the untasted blessings inside heaven. Coitus on earth is a heavenly gift, and when intercourse takes place, the hearts of both are filled with an unexpected joy.

What are the benefits of sex?

• The main benefit of cohabitation is that the great purpose of Allah is to increase the human race, and if husband and wife cohabit for this purpose, all their sexual relations during their lives will be counted as worship and will pave the way for salvation in the Day of Judgment. In the hadith, the Holy Prophet said. Said your wife intercourse is equal to a charity. Allah Rabbul Alamin says in the Qur'an: Your wives are your agricultural fields. Go to your fields as you wish.Benefits of intercourse

Husband and wife have a relationship between them both like land and farmer. The farmer does not merely roam and travel on the land. He goes there to produce crops from the land. Farmers of human lineage must also co-exist in this land of humanity with the aim of producing children and keeping the lineage alive.

• Sex helps reduce stress and tension by releasing “dopamine” in the body, which works to counteract stress hormones. One of the benefits of intercourse is that it has a calming effect and most people feel less tension and more relaxed after regular intercourse.

Benefits of intercourseNotably, intercourse reduces stress and anxiety, improves mood and boosts self-confidence. Sex relieves fatigue and gives peace of mind.

• Another notable benefit of intercourse is that sleep after intercourse is more restful and peaceful, which improves overall physical well-being. See when your eyes are sleepy.

• Hypertension is under control and heart is good. High blood pressure comes from anxiety, which is very harmful to the heart. Anxiety greatly increases the chances of a heart attack. And to reduce this anxiety, there is no better medicine than sex. Researchers studying biological psychology have found that those who have sex regularly have blood pressure under control. So chances of heart disease are very less. A study published by the American Journal of Cardiology found that couples who had sex at least twice a week had significantly better heart rates than those who never had sex. Having sex three times a week reduces the risk of heart attack. Benefits of intercourse

The benefits that come from regular intercourse and intercourse

• Sex helps increase heart and lung capacity and temporarily lowers high blood pressure.

What happens if you have intercourse in the toilet street?

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• Sex protects against the risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease.

• Harmful germs cannot enter the body after sexual intercourse. Researchers have found that people who have intercourse at least twice a week have fewer harmful bacteria in their bodies. So to prevent body germs, have intercourse continuously.

• Intercourse causes exercise and burns calories. Intercourse also becomes a form of exercise. Exercising is done by moving your partner's organs during intercourse. It burns a lot of calories, lowers cholesterol levels and improves blood circulation. If you spend 30 minutes having sex, you will burn 85 calories. .

Intercourse is a form of physical activity, it helps increase breathing rate and burns 7500 calories per year when having sex for 15 minutes three times a week. So make time for sex just like you make time for the gym.

• Weight loss through intercourse. A lot of calories are lost due to intercourse, which makes the person lose weight.

• Protecting men from prostate cancer It appears that men who have sex more often are more protected against prostate cancer; This is because the prostate gland replaces old fluid with new fluid, which contributes to the prevention of prostate cancer.

Benefits of wife intercourse

• Prevention of women from cervical cancer by doing It was recently discovered that infection with the human papilloma virus can lead to cervical cancer, but when women enjoy intercourse, a large proportion of old cervical cells are shed and replaced by new and stronger cells, which are much more resistant to the virus than older cells.

• Wounds heal. One of the most important benefits of intercourse for health and the body is that it speeds up the body's recovery process from injury, and even helps heal difficult wounds, such as in diabetics.

• Boosts immunity
Benefits of intercourse And the joy of intercourse is that it strengthens the immune system, which protects the body from many diseases. Sex helps strengthen the immune system, which fights many diseases.

• Pain relief. The release of endorphin hormones relieves headaches, migraines and arthritis pain. Most surprisingly intercourse relieves back and joint pain. Pain in the body? Pain killers should be taken. eat later Enjoy a little intercourse first. Then you will feel your pain vanish!

• Maintains vaginal health. Experts claim that intercourse can keep the vagina healthy from dryness, infection, inflammation and vaginal pain if a woman has frequent intercourse especially during menopause.

• The aging process is delayed.
During intercourse the brain apparently notices that a woman can get pregnant at any age, so it slows down the aging process and thus allows a woman to have children.

• A study also found that men who have sex more often have a lower mortality rate than the rest of the population, in other words, sex in men delays the aging process.

• Studies have shown that regular intercourse increases life expectancy.

• Intercourse helps in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, as a large proportion of men above the age of forty suffer from erectile dysfunction and doctors have confirmed that intercourse is the best treatment for this condition.

• During intercourse, the body releases testosterone, which is responsible for strengthening bones and muscles.

Ten Benefits of Regular Intercourse

• The more you have sex, the more you will be able to have sex. The more you type, the better your typing skills will improve. This is the normal rule.

Why is the exception of intercourse? So regular intercourse means becoming more proficient in intercourse. So keeping in mind the benefits of intercourse you should have intercourse with your wife twice or thrice a week.

finally : What are the benefits of intercourse, the benefits of female intercourse

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