Ways not to shower in winter Ways to stay clean without showering in winter


Ways not to shower in winter Ways to stay clean without showering in winter

Ways not to shower in winterIt's not unusual to feel extra lazy on a winter day. Even the person who works all year round gets cold when winter comes. Part of that laziness is not bathing on a winter day. The list of people who don't bathe every day for fear of cold water keeps growing. Those who are taking a bath every day in this winter also have a different story. But those who are not taking a bath, what will remove the bad smell of their body?

Ways to stay clean without showering in winter

The reluctance to take a bath in winter. Many people shiver even when they think of bathing. Some came out with some kind of two mugs of water poured over them. Meanwhile, a group of researchers from Boston University in the United States say that it is better not to take a bath regularly!

According to American dermatologists, daily bathing is very much a social norm or habit. In this case, their argument is that the habit of bathing every day actually keeps the body clean. So there are many other ways to keep the body clean without bathing. Know the five methods through which it is possible to keep the body clean without taking a bath-

Ways to stay clean without showering in winter

1. Do not forget to wash your feet with soap even if you do not bathe regularly in winter. Because, no matter what kind of shoes you wear, a lot of germs or bacteria remain on the feet. So wash the soles of the feet, the grooves of the fingers well with soap. In addition, when wearing shoes, if possible, sprinkle a little powder or perfume on the feet and inside the shoes.

2. If you don't shower, some bacteria are born in the body. All those bacteria are very important to keep the skin healthy at this time. Bathing kills those bacteria. That could be a problem. Therefore, dermatologists advise not to bathe more than two or three times a week in winter.

Even if you don't take a bath every day in winter, Jeeva will stay odor free

3.Apply the perfume in the right way to make it last longer. Apply perfume on the 'pulse points' of the body. For example, on the neck, wrist or inside of the elbow. Do not spray perfume. Try to spray from a little distance from the body and gently rub it on the body with the tip of the finger.

4.Most of us wear a little tight clothes to keep out the cold. But tight clothes should never be worn in winter. If you wear tight clothes, sweat or body odor is more. So wear loose clothing in winter. It will not sweat, nor will the stench accumulate.

5 ways to stay clean without showering every day

5. Many people's hair becomes sticky after not washing it for a day or two. As a result, the hair also smells bad. You can use dry shampoo even if you don't wash your hair every day in winter. After spraying the dry shampoo, comb your hair thoroughly. Brush your hair at least 5-6 times a day if possible.

6.According to researchers, daily hot or cold shower in winter causes skin to lose its moisture faster. Apart from this, bathing in hot water every day can cause digestive problems. Constipation problems may increase. Bathing just a few times a week will keep you healthy. There is no need to take a bath every day - experts say.

7. Maybe it was late to return home due to work pressure. There is no way to bathe in the morning without bathing at night! What to do in that case! In this case, apply body spray or perfume before going to sleep and once again in the morning. There will be no body odor.

finally : Ways to stay clean without showering in winter

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