The right age to have children

The right age to have children


The right age to have children

What is the right age to have a child, what is the right age to be a parent?

When is the right time to have a baby for the first time — In answer to this question, many of you may have heard that you should have a baby before the age of 30. But this answer to acne scars is not applicable for everyone. Depending on how many children a couple wants, the age of having children will also vary.

Menstrual cycle Find out when intercourse has the highest chance of conceivingThe right time to get pregnant You can see the article.

If you want one child, you should start trying at an earlier age, if you want three, you should start trying much earlier. Also, early action should be taken if symptoms are observed that may lead to problems in conceiving. These symptoms are mentioned below in this article.

Moreover, the ideal time to have children depends on many personal factors — a couple's life goals, education, career, financial status. The decision is yours and your partner's after considering everything. To make the decision easier, here is a medical perspective on the age at which you should start trying for a baby from various perspectives.

What is the right age to become a parent? The right age to have children

The right age to have children Many men think that their age is not a barrier when it comes to having children. Their idea is completely wrong. However, many men aged 50 and over are also able to father children. According to the Guinness Book of Records, a 92-year-old man has managed to give birth to a child.

Various studies say that after 40 years men's ability to bear children decreases. According to experts, the ideal age for men to become fathers is 25 to 30 years.

In women there is no chance of conceiving after menopause. But the process of making sperm in the body of boys never stops. But that doesn't mean they don't have a 'biological clock' like women.

As men age, sperm undergo genetic mutations. As a result, the chance of sperm DNA damage increases. Male fertility is affected. Not only that, if she gives birth at that age, the health of the child may also be adversely affected. In this case, the risk of children being affected by nervous system diseases increases.

25 years is the ideal age for girls to have their first child. And it is better not to have children after the age of 35. It is usually safe to give birth up to the age of 35.

How many children can a girl give birth to in her lifetime? How many children can a woman give birth to in her lifetime?

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At what age should men have children?

It's the right time to be a parent

The right age to have children Many people may not know that what is the right age to become parents? But let's find out when is the best time to become a parent-

20 years ago

It is better not to welcome a child at this age. If the parents are young there may be financial problems. You may not even be mentally ready to raise a child then.

20-24 years

Most people are very fertile after 20 years. According to data, women at this age have about 25 percent chance of getting pregnant every month.

The right time for girls to give birth

If you are financially sound then you can have children even at this age, especially women. But having children at this age requires you to have wisdom, patience and financial stability.

30-34 years

According to Mary Jane Minkin, clinical professor of obstetrics, gynecology and reproductive sciences at Yale University, women's fertility begins to decline after age 30-35.

Many people are busy at this age with the aim of building a career and cannot have children. Later they fail to conceive, so after 30 years all women should decide about pregnancy.

35-39 years

According to health experts, fertility starts to decline significantly from the age of 32. At the age of 37 it starts to decrease further.

This also applies to the likelihood of success rates of infertility treatments such as IVF. Health risks such as high blood pressure and gestational diabetes begin to increase due to pregnancy at an older age.

40-45 years

According to research, women in their 40s have less than a 5 percent chance of getting pregnant each month. People over 40 are at higher risk of miscarriage.

What is the maximum age for men to have children?

The couple wants 1 child, if they start trying to conceive at age 32, they have a 90 percent chance of success. From then on that probability will gradually decrease. At age 37, the chance of conceiving drops to 75 percent. And at the age of 41 it drops to 50 percent.

If you want to have 2 children, starting at age 27 has a 90 percent chance of success. By age 34, that chance drops to 75 percent. And if the age reaches 38 years, then the probability of having children drops to 50 percent.

If you want to have 3 children, If you start trying at age 23, you have a 90 percent chance of success. That chance drops to 75 percent if you start trying to conceive at age 31. And at the age of 35, the probability is 50 percent.

Check the list below for easy understanding. Here are the 50, 75 and 90 percent success rates for women trying to conceive at the peak ages for having one, two, or three children.

Chances of success in conceiving

Maximum age for one child

Maximum age for two-child

Maximum age for three-child













The decision is entirely yours and your partner's

Whether you want a 90 percent chance of success in conceiving a child, or 75 percent or 50 percent – ​​that is entirely up to a couple. For some couples, having a child is the most important thing, so they are willing to go to any lengths. They may choose the period with 90 percent probability. Others choose the period with 75 percent probability considering various life conditions. The purpose of the article is to help you make the right decision with a realistic view of all aspects.

If there is a possibility of having problems in conceiving, one should be aware of the symptoms and take measures in advance. These symptoms are listed below to match your condition.

Children are not born due to any mistake of husband and wife

There are many causes of infertility. As women age, fertility decreases.

Find out why this can happen Details-

Finally : The right age for having a baby, the time to have a baby

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