Skin Care: Rules For Using Foundation, How To Apply Flawless Foundation?

Skin Care: Rules For Using Foundation,  How To Apply Flawless Foundation?

Skin Care: Rules For Using Foundation,  How To Apply Flawless Foundation? 

Foundation is the most effective makeup product in changing the look while keeping the skin tone the same. Although a few years ago a very heavy type of foundation was used. And now there has been quite a change in the type of foundation. Which includes moisturizer foundation, liquid foundation, dual coverage foundation, matte finish foundation and cream foundation. A certain type of foundation should be used according to the skin type and needs. But the most important thing is to know the correct rules for using foundation. That will ensure the best results.

What is the foundation?

Foundation is a product that is applied to the surface of the skin to smooth the skin texture and brighten the skin. It is purely a skin surface product. It's kind of creamy. Depending on the skin type, sometimes it is liquid or sometimes matte.

Sometimes we suffer from various problems when we don't use foundation. Most of the people who are new to makeup suffer from various problems. Sometimes we have problems like not finding the perfect shade according to skin type, sometimes foundation oxidises after one to two hours of application. In fact, there are some rules to use the foundation properly, if we don't follow it, we get into various problems with the foundation.

Rules for using foundation

In the beginning, clean your skin well with facewash. Apply moisturizer after the face is dry. If possible, apply moisturizer 10 minutes before applying makeup. Your face will be set for makeup.

Then use a primer that matches your skin tone. Primer must be bought according to the needs of your skin. Wait for a while after using the primer until it blends well with your skin. Then you can use concealer if you want.

Remember to apply the concealer on the skin and not blend it immediately. If you blend it after a while, it will become very smooth on the eyelids and other areas. After that, take one to two drops of the foundation with a cup or the other side of the hand and apply it in the form of a dot first on the cheeks and then on the entire face.

Then gently blend with a wet beauty blender. Never try to pull and blend. Squeeze and blend. This will blend the foundation beautifully. After blending the entire face like this, use more foundation if needed.

If the foundation is not used properly, it does not blend well and floats a lot on the skin. Therefore, a smooth canvas can be ensured by using the perfect shade, using primer and following the rules.

How to select foundation shade?

When choosing a foundation, you must keep a few things in mind so that you can understand which shade is suitable for you.

★Skin type: The first thing to consider when choosing a foundation is your skin type.

Foundation can be divided into 3 categories according to skin type.

1) Dry skin: Due to the lack of moisture in the skin, the skin starts to become dry. And the biggest problem of dry skin is white-heads. If you notice the problem of white-heads on your skin and if the whole part of your face is dull, then you have to understand that your skin is dry.

In that case, you have to use oil based or matte foundation for dry skin foundation in which your skin will be moisturized and the foundation will not be patchy.

2) Oily Skin: It is very easy to tell if your skin is oily. If your entire face secretes excess oil from the glands, then the skin becomes oily. And the easiest way to understand it is if your face always feels oily

If you have acne problems.

In this case you have to use oil free matte foundation.

3) Mixed or combination skin: To know whether you have combination skin or not, you need to pay attention to your T-zone. If the T-zone is oily and the rest of the face is dry, then you have combination skin. If the T-zone is dry and the rest of the face is oily then it is combination skin.

In this case you should use combination skin foundation. But it will use oil free / oil base on your skin. If you have more acne, sweat, use oil free foundation Otherwise you can use oil based foundation.

But powder foundation is best for combination skin In this case, you use less product on your dry areas and the same amount on your oily areas to make the makeup base flawless.

★ Check the ingredients of the foundation: Before buying the foundation, you must check the ingredients of the foundation.

If your skin has acne then choose acne fighting foundation, Salicylic acid foundation. If your skin is dry then you can choose foundation with serum, it will moisturize your skin. If you don't like or don't want to use sunscreen lotion during makeup, then use foundation with Spf 15, it contains Skincafe Sunscreen Lotion during makeup. No need to use.

★ Foundation Coverage : Depending on what kind of makeup you want to do, what kind of coverage foundation you will get.

If you prefer a light base then go for a light coverage foundation and if you prefer a heavy base then go for a full coverage foundation.

And if you do makeup with the help of an airbrush, you mustA medium coverage foundation should be taken. In that case you can take 2 layers as required.

★ Undertone: This is most important in foundation selection. Because you must pick the foundation that matches your skin undertone. When we use foundation, it is often seen how gray color looks after applying the foundation. Sometimes it looks like extra yellow/orange color. This is due to the wrong undertone foundation. If your skin has warm undertones, using a cool tone foundation will make you look grey. So it is very important to know the undertone in choosing the right foundation.

Foundations can be divided into 3 categories based on undertones.

1) Warm undertones: Look at the back of your wrists. In that direction everyone's veins/arteries are very well understood. Pay attention to the color of your veins. If your vein color is green, your undertone is warm.

While buying the foundation, check the color of the foundation, if you see a slight yellow/golden/orange tint in it, then it is a warm tone foundation, which is right for you.

2) Cool Undertone : If your vein color is blue/purple, then your undertone is cool.

If you have cool undertones, consider the foundation color. If you see a light pink/red tint in it. But it is a cool tone foundation. Which is right for you.

3) Neutral Undertone : And if your vein color doesn't show any of the green/blue/purple colors, then your undertone is neutral.

If you are neutral undertone, foundation tone will not matter for you. You can use whatever you want. All will suit you fairly. However, many brands have foundations with neutral undertones. You can buy those as well.

★Foundation Shade: The last thing to consider is your shade.

Shade is the true color of your skin, and undertone is the light shadow/glow that lies beneath your true color. Many people get confused about these two things while buying foundation. Understanding your undertone is just as important as understanding your skin shade for the perfect makeup look.

So to take foundation according to your shade, you can take a small amount of your undertone foundation from the tester and test it on one side of your face. Then you will know which shade matches your skin tone


Foundation Shade Correction: Many a times we use wrong shade or wrong undertone foundation without realizing it In that case, you can use foundation mixer or concealer to fix the tone and shade of your foundation.

1) Warm Undertone: If your undertone is yellow and your foundation is darker than cool undertone or your shade, then you can fix the undertone and shade with yellow fixer. Or you can mix a yellow undertone concealer that will be shade or 1/2 shade lighter on your skin.

2) Cool Undertone: If your undertone is cool but your foundation tone is yellow and dark, then you can use white fixer / blue fixer.

Or you can use a cool under tone concealer that is 1/2 shade lighter than your shade.

★★How to use

Another problem we worry about after buying a foundation is how to use it to make your makeup look beautiful!

60% of how beautifully the makeup will set depends on your foundation blending. No matter how carefully you buy your foundation, if you don't blend it properly, your makeup will never be beautiful and flawless.

1) Sponge: It is best to use a sponge for blending. Soak the dry Sponge/Beauty Blender well in water and squeeze out the excess water.

Then dab a small amount of foundation on the face and blend well.

2) Foundation brush: Foundation brush can also be used to blend the foundation. But as many people think, the foundation is not blended well with a brush. If you think so then you are wrong.

There are a few techniques you need to keep in mind to blend foundation with a brush

While blending the foundation with a brush, blending should be done from top to bottom with small portions. This makes your foundation blend very nicely all over the face.


1) While using the foundation, you must blend the entire face with a small amount of products. Applying too many products can make the makeup look cakey which doesn't look good.

2) While buying the foundation, make sure that the foundation matches your skin shade. Or taking 1 shade light from the shade. If you take more light then the makeup becomes cakey.

3) Before applying the foundation you must use a primer suitable for your skin, it will make your foundation blandy and set for a long time.

4) If your skin is dry or extra dry then you can use serum or face oil. It absorbs quickly into your skin making it foundation friendly.

In terms of oil, Skin cafe Argan oil is beneficial.

5) If your skin is oily or extra oily then set the foundation well with compact powder or baking powder. It does not have to face the problem of the foundation moving.


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