Skin Care: Rules For Doing Natural Makeup


Skin Care: Rules For Doing Natural Makeup

Skin Care: Rules For Doing Natural Makeup

Makeup helps to bring out the best features of our face. And if that makeup is glowing and long lasting then there is no question! Among the various makeup looks, glowing and natural makeup looks are now very much valued by everyone. Because everyone looks more elegant in this makeup look. In today's post I will share how you can easily create the perfect glowing makeup look before any occasion at home, which is flawless and long lasting at the same time! So let's get started.

Step by step glowing and natural makeup look

Many people think that creating a glowing makeup look is too tough. But in fact it is not like that at all! Let's see how to enhance your beauty with natural beige makeup.

1) Prepare skin before makeup

Do you know the real secret to getting a glowing makeup look? That is to prepare the skin properly before starting the makeup. Now the question is how to prepare the skin?

In this case, my suggestion is to start by cleansing your face with your favorite face wash and then apply any good quality hydrating sheet mask. You will see an instant glow on the face and at the same time your makeup will also blend perfectly. If you don't have a sheet mask at hand, you can also apply a hydrating serum or moisturizer of your choice. Basically, make sure the face is hydrated before starting makeup.

Then, if wearing makeup for the day, apply sunscreen. And yes, don't forget to apply lip balm on your lips. If you prepare the skin properly before applying makeup, you will see how easy it is to create a glowing and natural makeup look.

2) Using illuminating primer

Everyone knows that primer should be used at the beginning of makeup. There are two types of primers available in the market, one that gives a matte finish and another that gives a glowing or illuminating finish. Illuminating primer plays a super effective role in creating a glowing and natural makeup look. Besides, applying this primer makes the makeup long lasting and flawless. So you can safely use this primer.

3) Apply foundation and concealer properly

There are many who apply a lot of product at once while applying foundation and then go on to blend! But the foundation does not want to blend properly. As a result, the makeup has a chance of becoming cakey and does not have a natural finish. Therefore, if you want to get a flawless makeup look, gradually build up the coverage of the foundation. Use dewy foundation if you have dry skin.

Now let's talk about the concealer. When using concealer to highlight the face, use a shade of concealer that is one or two shades lighter than your skintone. Also try not to apply too much concealer. After applying foundation and concealer like this, set the face well with a loose powder. Remember, getting a flawless and glowing makeup look depends a lot on applying foundation and concealer correctly.

4) Apply blush and highlighter according to skintone

One of the characteristics of glowing makeup is that this makeup look has a natural, i.e. skin-like finish. So it is very important to understand your skin tone and apply blush and highlighter accordingly. For example, those who have a fair skin tone, if they use peach, coral, baby pink, plum, etc. color blush with champagne tone highlighter, then their makeup will look glowing as well as natural.

And those with medium or dark skin tone, if they apply rose, dark mauve, deep peach blush with golden, bronze or copper tone highlighter, then their makeup look will be picture perfect! Whether you apply powder or liquid blush and highlighter, apply little by little as needed without applying too much at once. You will see how glowing and flawless the face looks after the makeup is finished!

5) Using a good quality setting spray

The very last step of makeup is to set the makeup of the whole face with the help of setting spray. If you want to keep your makeup glowing and long-lasting at the same time, apply a setting spray that gives an illuminating or dewy finish. It will set the makeup, give the makeup look a glowing look, and not worry about the makeup fading even after being out all day. By following these 5 simple steps, you can easily create glowing and natural makeup looks.

A few things to keep in mind:

* Keep cleansing milk for removing makeup or quick retouching.

* Choose cosmetics according to skin type.

* Change your makeup kit with the weather.

* Make sure to look for good brands while buying.

* Check product quality and shelf life at the same time.

* Nami cosmetics are also harmful for the skin after the expiration date.


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