Skin Care: Eye Makeup Rules, How to Apply Eyeshadow - Best Eye Makeup Tutorial

Skin Care: Eye Makeup Rules, How to Apply Eyeshadow - Best Eye Makeup Tutorial

Skin Care: Eye Makeup Rules, How to Apply Eyeshadow - Best Eye Makeup Tutorial

One of the most important aspects of fashion or glamor photography is the human eye. So this eye makeup is very serious. In the daily busyness of the eye makeup (Makeup) is said. And some a little eyeliner and mascara. Many people don't like to wear more makeup. On the other hand, those who do not have the habit of doing makeup regularly, they often get into trouble while doing eye-makeup. Sometimes the color is too dark, sometimes it doesn't blend properly, sometimes the eyeshadow clumps awkwardly in the eye creases. In most cases, the eyeliner is not properly applied on both sides or is not properly winged. As a result, the dress is not like the mind. Do you face the same problem when doing eye makeup? If so, keep in mind some rules for wearing eyeshadow. This will make applying eyeshadow and eye makeup much easier in the future.

How to do eye makeup step by step

Eye makeup is an important part of complete makeup. Because the better the eye makeup, the better you look. However, poor eye makeup can ruin your entire look. So it is very important to have great eye makeup for a perfect look and for that we use eye liner, kajal, mascara and eyeshadow.

Perfect eye makeup is not possible every time. Because doing eye makeup is not easy especially for women who are doing eye makeup for the first time. But not now because today we are giving you some step by step eye makeup tips, following which you will never miss doing eye makeup.

Step 1- Apply tape before applying eye makeup

Applying eyeshadow on the eyes is not easy. Especially, for those who are going to apply eyeshadow for the first time. If you are one of those women who do not know how to apply eyeshadow, then you can use scotch tape. Because this tap can give you the perfect eyeshadow look.

For this, tap the outer corner of your eye and apply the eyeshadow according to this shape. It will give your eyes a perfect look and your eyeshadow will also be applied easily.

Step 2- Use eye primer

For eye makeup, it is most important that you always use an eye primer. Because eye primer works to make your eye makeup last longer. Eye primer also helps create a smooth base for makeup to glide on smoothly.

So first apply some eye primer and let it dry. Then use eye shadow beige, if you don't have eye shadow beige, to get a good beige to set your shadow. So you can also use foundation, compact or concealer.

Step 3- Choose the right eye brush

The most important thing for applying eyeshadow or blending shades on the eyes is the eye brush. Because if you want to do perfect eye makeup, you must know about eye brushes. Some girls use the same brush to apply eye makeup. But it is wrong to do this because women apply many shades of color at once, so they have to wash the brush repeatedly.

Also, many women initially apply eyeshadow with their fingers. But for a pro and a classy look, just use a good eye brush. Also, blend it into the crease with a blending brush. If not blended well it will start looking bad after a while.

Step 4- Select Light Shadow

After you have applied the primer on the eyes, now you have to select the eyeshadow for the eye makeup. But it would be better to choose a lighter shade. Because many women, even if they apply the eyeshadow correctly in the beginning, still can't get the perfect look as they should.

Because initially many women use dark shades, which do not look good on their face. For this, use light and normal eyeshadow in the beginning. Also, you should also take care of the color combination of the eyeshadow with the shade and don't do too stylish eye makeup.

Step 5- Apply liner or kajal

While you have eyeshadow on your eyes, now apply liner and mascara on your eyes. It will give a perfect look to your eyes. Although there is no need to apply liner, kajal and mascara because without it you can do many types of eye makeup but you can apply liner and kajal on your eyes, it is good. You can also use colored liner if you want.

Step 6- Give the final look to the eyes

After following all these steps, you will finalize your eyes i.e. touch up. If your eye shadow comes out of nowhere or the liner is not applied properly, you should fix it. Next, apply contouring or eye blusher to your eyes and lash line.

This way you can give your eyes a perfect look. If you like our post then follow our website regularly to get more important tutorials like this.


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