Sensitive plant medicine quality


Sensitive plant medicine quality

Sensitive plant of the tree medicine quality 

Sensitive plant very sensitive somehow shake If you give to spread leaf absolutely off become goes of in effect a lot the time the mosquito or tiny shaped insects leaf off become to go under pressure die Goes to Africa a lot resident the tea And of coffee alternative as mimosa creeper-leaf, flowers And young of fruit extract drink by doing remains

In Indonesiathe giant Mimosa (thornless)’ of buffalo food as use circulation there iswater MimosaR the roots And young leaf horn, Magur, saying, tilapia And similar to of fish beloved Food. Shame on you foliage And flowers in nutrition super rich In this has enough Amount With protein all kind of food material. special by doing this vitamins-A, calcium, iron, potassium And in Nicene full of

 Sensitive plant medicine quality And benefits:

Sensitive plant medicine quality extremely more Nana of disease in treatment Herbal Medicine in the making of use ages caught move on is coming the nose, the ears, teeth And small channel sore to cure Sensitive plant the roots creeper-of leaves use in the country abroad a lot conventional Jaundice, asthma, tumor, whoopingcough, skin disease, Including diabetics, heart, of the liver Nana disease to cure mimosa medicine quality very more

mysterious Sensitive plant of the tree quality

Hemorrhoids diseaseArshe to say irritation more solder no eat it as if that sort of burning sensation his with Bleeding too more to be remains In this case in the tree And at the root ১০ the village guess the cup the milk And the cup the water one with mix together done by doing one the cup to stay take down filtered with it is every day the morning Afternoon times to eat will be Goat's the milk if well is

Sensitive plant benefits

dysentery: Sensitive plant leaf And Data ১০/১২ the village with ৪কাপ the water with boiled do remaining ১কাপ to stay take down throw away ২ভাগ by doing in the morning And at night drink do ১০দিন। dysentery get well will go

in the ear worship ifSensitive plant Kath made up do with of mustard the oil mix in the ear ১ফোটা by doing use do worship get well will go

Sensitive plant of the tree medicine quality!

sex strength in growthSensitive plant the seed with the oil made up by doing use If you do genitalia strong And tough is

genitalia on the looseof women more child of childbirth As a result genitalia relax become Shame on you the tree,leaf And the roots by the oil by doing cloth put on Pichu retention If you do a few of the day in health is

the skin in diseaseSensitive plant impure in the day / times a little a little in the core drink If you do all type the skin disease well is. of the body sweetness growth gets

hand-foot web burnsSensitive plant original, Data, leaf boiled by doing drink If you do Sharil's the dust away is

egg of cells the water JamleSensitive plant the paste use do get well will go

Sensitive plant medicine quality what what?

Constipation in difficultythe closet of bullets like tough become goes easily stool get out is no Sensitive plant Kath ১৫দিন by playing Constipation difficulty away is

stone in diseaseSensitive plant of roots juice Kath by doing regular the morning, the evening drink If you do ১৫দিনে get well Shame on you leprosy, phlegm,Rheumatism,of the season disturbance, belly etc in disease effective

the darkness vagina in the woundA strange the disease On the black side increased goes And dry to dry remains A the wound is Usually : of the knee down And no is groin two on the edge In this case trees to leaf ( original except ) ১০ the village only the water with the decoction by doing to eat is And that the decoction with to delete is, As a result difficulty away is

Sensitive plant medicine quality And benefits

In Raman dissatisfactiona few child to be after birth canal laziness has been , of that a lot repair by doing with remains A Sensitive plant of the boil douche taken, And of the tree leaf done the decoction with made up in oil rag soaked hold back Karale Besides testicles the water deposit to cure of leaves paste use to do is

the stench away to doof many in sweat the stench is And in clothes or In Genji in yellow the stain takes, In this case Sensitive plant of the tree stalk And of leaves the decoction made up by doing armpit And the body to delete will be or to put will be 

Sensitive plant flowers

the pulse get away coming:many of the child the mother or of childbirth the time midwife carelessly the pulse get away has arrived, high up become to sit If you go discomfort feeling, In this case in the tree at the root ১০ the village guess the foliage the cup in the water done by doing one the cup to stay take down filtered with it is every day the morning Afternoon times to eat will be And that way the decoction ready by doing Dusto give, of by that again normal in condition back will come

hand foot ignites: hand foot to burn with Fever too It is Generally: Monsoon And in autumn the bile at noon see gives A in case Sensitive plant the whole (the tree original leaf)১০ the village the cup in the water done aRay one the cup to stay take down filtered this The broth by playing seasonal the bile at noon And honored symptoms Sub-equal is

Finally : Sensitive plant medicine quality, mysterious Sensitive plant of the tree quality, Sensitive plant benefits,Sensitive plant of the tree medicine quality!

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