Rules for using highlighters - Rules for using highlighters


Rules For Using Highlighters

Rules for using highlighters - Rules for using highlighters

  It is not possible to show the perfect beauty in the face by just applying base makeup on the skin. Highlighters are available in both powder and liquid formats. Highlighter brings freshness to the face, so you need to know which areas to highlight.

Rules for using highlighters

♦ Apply a primer to the skin before applying foundation.

After applying foundation use a cheek brush and bronzer if needed.

♦ Apply a small amount of highlighter from above the cheekbones to the center of the cheeks; It will give a sharp look to the face.

♦ Now mix the highlighter well with the skin. Then it will not look like a line.

Use liquid highlighter

Liquid highlighter can be used in three ways-

1. Can be mixed with foundation or moisturizer.

2. Apply liquid highlighter on the face before applying foundation. Then use foundation.

3. At the end of the makeup, you can lightly apply this liquid highlighter on the high points of the face.

Using powder highlighter

It can also be used in two ways. One, apply this highlighter with a brush on the high points of the face. Also, apply liquid highlighter on both sides of the cheeks followed by powder highlighter. By doing this, the highlighter will highlight more and will be long lasting.

Using cream highlighter

You can buy cream highlighter. To use it, blend it first with your fingers or a brush. Then use a powder highlighter over it to set the cream. Cream highlighters are also available for purchase.

Where-how to use?

When used correctly, highlighters reflect light beautifully.

As a result, the face becomes radiant. Find out where and how to use highlighter to make it look perfect.

♦ Highlighter works best in the crease of the upper eyelid, just below the brow bone. It makes the eyes look bigger and brighter. Start blending outwards from under the arch of the brow, pulling to the end of the brow.

♦ Highlighter works well on the cheekbones or cheekbones. It shows lip plumpness. Apply highlighter by drawing an invisible line from the center of the ear to the edge of the lip. Now apply highlighter above this line and just below the outer corner of the eye. Blend outwards in upward strokes. You can also use a fanbrush to lightly apply the highlighter.

♦ You can use highlighter long on the upper part of the nose. But it is not for regular use. Apply a thin line of highlighter on the nose and blend. If you want a matte finish, use a concealer two to three shades lighter than your skin tone and blend well along the bridge of the nose. This highlighter can be used before going to the event.

♦ Highlighter works well to make upper lids look bigger. Also, if you don't sleep well, your eyes look tired. A little highlighter can be used on the inner corner of the eye to reduce fatigue. You can blend the highlighter right in the middle of the eyelids to bring extra surprise. Eyes will look brighter.

♦ A little touch of highlighter right in the middle of the forehead works like magic. You can also highlight the forehead with a concealer two shades lighter than the skin color.

♦ Under the browbones, in the corners of the eyes and even on the lashline, you can apply a touch of richly laced highlighter. Its influence has been seen in fashion shows in Europe and Paris.

How to buy highlighter

There are different types of highlighters, such as – cream, liquid and powder highlighters. Choose a highlighter that suits your skin tone and will give you the desired results. For example – if you want to add shine to your look, use a cream or liquid highlighter. And if you want to bring a light glow, then use a powder highlighter. Also buy highlighters according to skin type. For those with extra oily skin, it is best to use a powder highlighter. Because using cream highlighter on oily skin makes the skin look more oily. And for those with dry skin, use a cream highlighter. There are different color highlighters like – light pink, golden and silver shimmer highlighter. You can choose the color according to your choice. But generally, pink or pink toned highlighter suits fair skin and golden color highlighter goes well with medium skin tone.

Name some highlighters

*MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighting Powder:

It is pink toned highlighter and very pigmented. If you want to buy in low budget then this highlighter from MUA brand can be the best option for you. Its price is 3 pounds. Not available in the country. Must order online.

*The Balm Mary Lou Manizer:

This highlighter is gold toned and lightly shimmery. But on the face, the glitter is not so visible. Many people don't like glittery highlighters, they can try this highlighter. It gives a natural glow to the face. It will cost 24 dollars. Must order online.

*MAC Mineralized Skin Finish in Soft & Gentle:

Generally oily skin should use powder highlighter and dry skin should use liquid highlighter.

Benefit High Beam:

It is also slightly pink toned. This liquid highlighter from Benefit brand is very popular. It brings a light pink tint to the face. The price is $26. Must order online. But those who want to buy highlighters that are available in the country can look at super shops like Almas, Agora. Before buying, check whether it is genuine or fake. However, it is better to bring cosmetics or skin care products from outside as much as possible.



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