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Rules for using concealer, 15 tips on how to apply concealer

Rules for using concealer, 15 tips on how to apply concealer

Rules for using concealer, 15 tips on how to apply concealer

 Rules for using concealer - Rules for using concealer

Concealer is a very effective component of makeup. However, you have to be very careful when using this concealer. Because this is one thing that just a little bit here and there will mess up the whole outfit. Then it can be seen that the stain has increased while removing it. And as a solution to such problems, you can choose the right concealer suitable for your skin.

What is concealer?

Concealer is used to cover dark spots under the eyes, dark spots of acne or any other skin spots. Concealers tend to be a bit thick and have heavy coverage. Apart from covering blemishes, you can use it for perfect beige makeup. There are basically two types of concealers available. One, used to cover skin color unevenness, this concealer is called color correcting concealer. Two, this type of concealer is used to correct the color difference on the two sides of the nose or to change the color of the chin.

Another concealer is used to cover up dark circles under the eyes, acne scars, etc. This type of concealer is used more in general makeup. Such concealers are available in the market in liquid, cream or stick form. This concealer helps cover any dark spots on the skin.

How to choose concealer?

Both texture and shade of concealer are important to choose the perfect concealer. Black spots on the skin, dark spots under the eyes, and acne spots can be covered with concealer. But for this it is necessary to choose the concealer perfectly. A bit of orange or peach colored concealer should be used to remove dark circles under the eyes.

Tips for choosing the right concealer

1) Match the concealer sample from the store to your skin. Perform this test in adequate light.

2) Choose a concealer one or two shades lighter than your skin tone for use under the eyes. You can also use some orange or peach colored concealer. The perfect concealer also works as a highlighter.

3) The texture of concealer for daily use should be light to medium and less dense. These concealers leave a comfortable feel on the skin and avoid clogging pores.

How to use concealer?

So far you know about concealer, now let's know the perfect rule of using concealer!

1) Clean skin

Before applying any makeup, the skin needs to be thoroughly cleansed. After cleansing, exfoliating and hydrating the skin, apply a small amount of primer. Then use concealer.

2) Use under the eyes

Use concealer to remove dark circles under the eyes. But keep in mind that it should not be too lighter than the skin color. Apply an orange or yellow color skin corrector under and around the eyes. You can also use pitch tone concealer. Draw triangles with concealer under the eyes and blend with a brush or beauty sponge.

3) To remove redness around the nose

If there is redness around the nose, take a small amount of concealer and massage it around the nose.

4) Acne or black spots on the skin

You can use a small concealer brush to cover acne or dark spots with concealer. Apply a small amount of concealer on the dark spots and use a small concealer brush on the skin. Green concealer can cover dark spots on the skin.

5) Set up concealer on the skin

You can use a powder sponge to set the concealer well on the skin. Take a little powder on the sponge, then apply it to the areas where the concealer is applied. And use the powder with a brush on the rest of the skin. It will help to give a matte finish to the makeup.

Some tips for using concealer

Keep these tips in mind when using concealer.

1) Concealer application on the skin

Concealer can be used before or after applying foundation on the skin. But it is better to use concealer after foundation. If used afterwards, there is no risk of concealer spreading or over-blending when applying foundation.

2) Use brand concealer

Concealer must try to buy by looking at the brand. Remember, it stays on your skin for a long time, which is why using a good quality concealer is essential.

3) To make lipstick and eyeshadow last longer

You can use concealer on the eyes to make the eyeshadow last longer. You can use concealer on the lips to make the lipstick last longer.

Then you know why and how to use concealer while doing makeup! Now concealer will help make your makeup more simple and beautiful.

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