Party Makeup Rules


Party Makeup Rules

Party makeup rules - Party makeup rules

Who doesn't love dressing up? It is not always true that people dress only to show others. Dressing up makes your mind feel better. A beautifully decorated chimp. But due to lack of time, many people cannot dress up beautifully. Others take a little longer. There are a number of steps that need to be completed in order to do makeup properly. Let's quickly learn how to prepare yourself in just 10 minutes.

whatever is needed

* Sunscreen (Sunscreen)

* Concealer

* Foundation

* Eye Shadow (Eyeshadow)

* Eyeliner (Eyeliner)

* Mascara

* Blush

* Lipstick (Lipstick / gloss)

How to do it:

Start the day with sunscreen

First wash your face thoroughly. Now apply sunscreen well on face and neck. Make it a habit to use sunscreen every day regardless of the sun or rain. For those with dry skin, use a moisturizer with SPF 15 or higher instead of foundation. And if your skin is oily, wash your face with lukewarm water and use sunscreen before drying your face.

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  Use of concealer

Concealer can erase uneven spots on your face. First, apply the concealer in dots with the ring finger on the darkest or most important areas of your face (under the eyes, on the sides of the nose, on the chin). Then mix well with the skin and apply. Now you will not see uneven spots on your face anymore.

Use of foundation

While using foundation, make sure that you are using the right foundation that matches your face color. Do not apply foundation all over your face at once. Apply the foundation on one part of the face and first mix it well with the skin of the face. Then put it on the other part. In this way, gradually apply the foundation on all the face.

Use of eyeshadow

After applying the foundation, your face is completely ready for make-up. Now it's time for the eye make-up. Generally we all use eyeshadow matching the color of the dress. But no matter what color we use, it is good if we use light eyeshadow on the corner of the eye, and it looks good if we gradually apply black or dark color on the end of the eye. Eyeshadow should be blended very well with the eyes with a brush.

Use of Eyeliner:

Like Eyeshadow we can give Eyeliner in different ways. There is no correct rule, whoever likes to put it in the way. Eyeliner is usually applied on the upper part of the eye. You can give many types of eye looks with eyeliner. They have all Bahari names. Like: normal eyeliner, smokey eyes, cat eyes and many more.

Mascara use

Mascara makes your eye look more complete. Your eyes become more beautiful with the use of mascara. Using a mascara brush, you can easily thicken the eyelashes.

Uses of Blush

Blush for those who like a little more dress up. Blush should be applied on both sides of the cheeks from the bottom to the top with a brush. Those with a fair complexion can apply any color blush and those with a less fair complexion should apply a lighter color. But everyone can wear it darker in the night event.

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Use of lipstick and gloss

First take it around the lips with lip liner. But the lip liner should be light in color. Then use the lipstick of your choice or matching your dress. Again, if the color of your lip liner is more beautiful, you can put lip liner on all lips, then apply lip gloss or lip balm on top. Use a lighter shade of lipstick during the day and a slightly darker shade at night. And be careful not to use lipstick of any name or quality. When using lipstick, use a good quality lipstick, otherwise your lips will turn black.


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