How to understand if someone lies in chat

How to understand if someone lies in chat


How to understand if someone lies in chat

Be it in danger or by mistake, as a false person. Sometimes lying is necessary. Some people's lies are easy to understand. Some people tell lies very carefully. Listening to them doesn't mean they're lying. And listening to them is confusing. Many are in danger by falling into the trap of liars.

If you are a little aware, you can determine who is telling the truth and who is lying. And that task has been made easier by a recent study. A group of scientists has long researched human speech and behavior and determined some criteria that can be used to easily determine who is lying and who is telling the truth. Let's find out-

How to understand if someone lies in chat

I contact

Liars don't look you directly in the eye when they lie. They will look around avoiding your eyes. They may blink rapidly or look up frequently.

Body language

A person's body language can tell a lot about him. A liar usually keeps to himself. They may hide their hands, or tap their feet nervously. Licking or pursing lips strangely can be another sign of lying.

How do you know if someone is lying?

change the subject

A liar will always try to change the current subject. They feel vulnerable while lying. So, they try to change the subject so that they don't have to tell any more lies, and so that the listener doesn't try harder to reveal the truth.


When you confront a liar about the possible truth, they get defensive and start attacking you about themselves without questioning them. They become overly defensive and refuse to answer any questions. They even try to steer the conversation towards you.

How to understand if someone lies in the message


A liar will sweat profusely because they feel stressed and anxious while lying. Sweating is an indication that the person is very stressed and possibly lying.

Breathe slowly

People breathe heavily and slowly when they lie. Their breathing becomes shallow, as the heart rate increases dramatically when they are nervous or stressed. And with the help of these you can easily identify whether a person is lying or not.

How to understand someone is lying

Liars are so cunning that it will not be easy to catch them even if you want them to. They will avoid you quite cunningly. Yet, no matter how hard a man tries, some anomaly remains in making a lie come true. You can tell if he is really lying or not by observing certain things. So, spotting a liar is not always impossible. There are some tricks to easily understand if someone is lying -

finally : How to understand if someone lies in chat

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