How To Handle Insult

How To Handle Insult

 How To Handle Insult 

It is never possible for one person to keep everyone happy. So if you have the thought of keeping everyone happy, it is wise to remove it. You may feel inferior because someone is hurting you for no reason. But there is nothing to be disappointed about. Because it is not the case that you will make enemies if you do wrong or bad things. It's hard to say who dislikes whom for whatever reason. So let's understand.

1. keep calm Remember, excitement is not a solution. Staying calm is difficult, but not impossible. If you are not calm, then what is the difference between you and the other party? Keep a cool head. Believe it you will get results.

2. Do not even see some things. Someone trying to insult you, or trying to make trouble for no reason? Pretend not to see these behaviors. Someone can insult you only when you see and react to their tricks or attempts. How can that hurt you that you have not seen? Pretend you don't see them trying to insult you.

3. No matter what the other side says, don't shy away from positivity. Don't regret anything. Regrets only waste time, increasing your own frustration. Regret brings no solution. Believe in positive change. Do something that will bring positive change. As long as you are working toward positive change, there will be hope.

4. Don't respond with words. Believe in the work. Answer through work. So that the other party can realize for himself that he was wrong. As the saying goes, there is no greater reward than success. You chase success for revenge, not the point. Rather, if you succeed, it will send a message to them that they were wrong.

5. Surround yourself with people who are motivated, enthusiastic, full of positivity, grateful and open-minded to do good. In this you do not have to fall into any such situation.

6. Don't take everything personally. A good person never thinks of insulting others. These are thought only by those with very small minds. So don't feel guilty that someone is trying to insult you, or take their actions personally. Know their problem.

7. If you cannot control your anger alone, then leave the place. Walk, run, talk to someone. Do something that makes your body sweat. This will make it easier to control your anger. Because, sweating releases happy hormones.

8. Whoever insults you, misbehaves with you, the problem is his. You have no hand in someone misbehaving. It is solely the responsibility of the other party. So don't take words 'personally'. How to evaluate a speech depends on the answer to these three questions: who the person is, under what circumstances he is speaking, and for what purpose.

9. If someone misbehaves, do you have to reciprocate? You are not like them, so don't act like them. Rather use it very well if possible. They may feel ashamed and try to withdraw from wrongdoing.

10. You do not have the power to control the behavior of others, but you do. You cannot make those who want to treat you badly. But you can definitely control your behavior. However, don't get excited. Keep a cool head. Do the exact opposite of what they would do to you.


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