How To Do Wedding Makeup


How To Do Wedding Makeup

There have been many changes in wedding attire over the years. Today's brides are dressing up in a blend of tradition and modernity. Grooming means it will be very gorgeous, this trend has been broken. Along with sarees, jewelry, make-up—everything is now dominated by soft tones.

But let's find out whether any new changes can be made in wedding makeup.

1. Desired look

These days there have been many changes in the wedding dress. Maybe that wedding makeup is too heavy or too light. So you have to decide first that you want to see yourself on the wedding night.

2. Start skin care early

You should start taking care of your skin at least 2-3 weeks in advance. Do facial, waxing, bleach, but don't forget to apply moisturizer or night cream on the skin every night.

3. Beginning of the makeup phase

Before starting makeup on the wedding day, first wash your face well with a face wash and then take care of your skin with a scrubber. This time apply moisturizer well on the face and wait for 10 minutes and start applying makeup.

4. Use of primers

Primer should be used at the beginning of makeup. If the primer is not used properly, the makeup will not sit well. So if you have light wrinkles on your face, apply a good primer on the under eyes, lips. After that apply foundation. It is best to use an oil free foundation for wedding makeup. Blend well on your face with a makeup brush or hands.

5. Use of concealer

If you have pimples or blemishes on your face, you can use concealer. Apart from this, cover your facial spots well with concealer on the eyelids, under the eyes or on both sides of the nose.

6. Make up eyes and lips

Use brown, gold or bronze eyeshadow to decorate your eyes on your wedding day. Apply a little more eyeshadow towards the corner of the eye. Dress up your eyes using liner, kajal and mascara for wedding makeup. For lips, choose a lipstick that matches your dress. First fix the shape of the lips with a liner. After that apply your favorite lipstick. Fix the corners of the lips with two lip liners.

7. The finishing touch

Put on your wedding bridal dress and jewelry, tie your hair up to your liking and get ready to sit down on the wedding bandwagon.


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