Exercise for children, regular exercise for children to stay healthy


Exercise for children, regular exercise for children to stay healthy

growing children Physical activity is very important. But being mobile oriented, children now sit in one place most of the time. Kids who are busy with online sports now don't feel the urge to go out and play. Also, due to online classes, there is no chance to rush to school for the time being. As a result, their physical and mental health is affected. So get your child used to regular exercise.

According to multiple studies, that children Physical activity is less, they remain at risk of diseases like obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer. So from a young age the issue of being healthy and fit should be inculcated in their minds. Regular exercise will keep the body healthy, as well as increase confidence, self-esteem and concentration.

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Benefits of regular exercise

1. Improvement in fitness

2. Increase concentration

3. Focus on education

4. Building a healthy heart, strong bones and healthy muscles

5. health promotion

6. Awakening a sense of self-esteem

7. Fatigue is reduced

8. Sleep well at night

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What type of exercise should children do?

According to experts, children should not do gym or strenuous exercise. Children should be enrolled in participating in sports, swimming, dance, judo-karate etc. 1 hour of daily exercise is good for children's health. The problem is that children don't want to exercise easily. In this case, the question naturally arises, how to get them used to exercise. Here are some tips for getting kids to exercise:

Two-three-year-old child's exercise

The type of exercise a child should do depends a lot on the age and the child's desire. Children of this age are usually more interested in running and throwing things. They have endless energy for these physical labors. That's why they can practice for an hour and a half a day. But the best practice plan for them should be like this - for one hour they will practice as much as they want. Pretty much whatever you like. And half an hour according to the rules. An hour's exercise can be a walk in the park or playground. Jog occasionally. The rest of the time can be spent playing with their favorite toys. Even frogs can jump. (continued)

Weight gain exercises

■ Aerobics is a form of exercise. As a result, the possibility of heart disease is eliminated. Also helps in oxygen transfer to the cells. Aerobics can also be done at home and parents can participate with their children. In this case, you can do activities like playing basketball, swimming, running, cycling. Running etc. is done by any child with joy. So it is better to start with some such exercises first.

■ Keep both hands and both knees on the ground in a crawling position. Now lift the right hand forward and pull the left leg backwards. It should be noted that the back should be straight at this time. Care should be taken that the body does not sway too much. After 10 to 20 seconds, switch hands and feet. That is, now the left hand should be raised forward and the right leg should be pulled backwards. This should be done several times. Back and waist muscles will be strong in this exercise. Apart from that, it will keep them away from the risk of back pain due to carrying heavy bags, studying while leaning.

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■ Squatting is a very effective exercise. First, start by sitting on a chair and getting up. Do this 10 times. The child will do this exercise twice a day. Then slowly remove the chair. In this case, without a chair, the child will bend the knees and do half-sitting and standing postures. You should also try sitting on the toilet for some time during the day.

■ The more children can be exposed to outdoor sports, the better. Like throwing the ball, asking to throw the ball in the basket. Do this one thing over and over again. Doing the same thing every day will increase the child's attention and muscle performance. As a result, the child will become confident and socialize easily with others.

finally : Exercise for children, regular exercise for children to stay healthy

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