Eating hot food is harmful Foods which should not be reheated repeatedly


Eating hot food is harmful

Eating hot food is harmfulFoods that should not be reheated, 5 foods that should not be reheated, foods that should not be reheated, food that is reheated is dangerous!

Foods which should not be reheated repeatedly

In our busy life we ​​tend to save time by cooking a few days worth of food together and keeping it in the fridge and reheating it later. This is actually a good practice.

Because it does not waste any food and time. However, there are some foods which are reheated and the food loses its effectiveness and nutritional value and sometimes the food becomes poisonous.

Let's find out which foods can be harmful to health if reheated after cooking.

* Potatoes: Potatoes lose their nutritional value when reheated. Besides, even if potatoes are kept at normal temperature for a long time after cooking, they become poisonous as soon as they lose their nutritional value, which can lead to illness.

Do not reheat and eat the 5 foods

* Rice:  No matter how you store rice after cooking, it slowly loses its nutrients. Rice contains a type of material called spores which are transformed into bacteria and these bacteria are not destroyed even after cooking. As a result, both cooking and reheating rice are harmful. Consuming it can cause diarrhea and vomiting.

* Eggs: Eggs are a must for everyone's breakfast due to their high protein content. However, eggs are a food that turns toxic when exposed to high heat again. As a result, if we reheat cooked eggs, we may suddenly get upset stomach.

* Chicken: Like mushrooms, chicken is a high-protein food. However, if reheated at high temperatures, this chicken can become the most dangerous food for you. This is because reheating changes the functionality of the high protein content and causes serious digestive problems. However, if the cooked chicken needs to be reheated, it should be heated at a low temperature for a while.

Foods that should not be reheated repeatedly

* Spinach: Like other green leafy vegetables, spinach contains high levels of iron and nitrates. But reheating spinach is also dangerous. Because spinach is high in nitrates and when reheated after cooking, it is completely converted into nitrites which can cause cancer cells in the body.

* Oil: Cooking food with grapeseed oil, walnut oil, avocado (a tropical green fruit the size of a pear) oil, hazelnut (a type of nut) oil makes food very tasty. But the problem comes when you reheat this food and eat it. This is because reheating food cooked with these oils gives the food a very unpleasant smell and can be one of the causes of stomach upset.

The danger of reheating food!

* Turnip: Turnips are usually used more for making soups. But turnips, which contain high levels of nitrates, can become toxic if reheated after cooking.

* Mushrooms: Mushrooms are high in protein. But mushrooms are best eaten the day they are cooked. Due to their high protein content, cooked mushrooms lose protein when heated. As a result, eating reheated mushrooms can be fatal to the stomach and even cause heart disease.

* Bit : Beets are high nitrate vegetables like spinach. However, eating cooked beets reheated can cause stomach upset.

* Celery (Coriander plant data): Celery vegetable is also high in nitrates. However, if celery data is reheated, its nitrates are completely converted to nitrites. If nitrite enters the body in excess, it causes the risk of methemoglobinemia. This is a stage where nitrite interacts with hemoglobin and iron in the body's blood, preventing it from carrying oxygen to living cells. Which can cause anything from physical complications to death.

Finally : Eating hot food can be dangerous, eating hot food is harmful

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