Baby Care: Is ADHD In Children Hyperactive?


What is ADHD? Why is that? What are the symptoms? What to do if ADHD?

A healthy-normal baby will be a little fussy. A healthy baby means a happy and playful child. However, the hyperactive child problem is called Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). In Bengal this problem is called hyperactive inattention. It is a neurodevelopmental problem in children. Parents or school teachers can identify these problems first. These symptoms usually appear in children at the age of three to four years.

Many people consider a normal child to be hyperactive. But the real truth is, hyperactivity does not mean ADHD. Only children will do some mischief, it is not right to expect attention and patience from adults.

What is ADHD? Why is that?

ADHD is a developmental disorder in children with no specific cause. It is believed to be genetic and environmental. If either the mother or father has ADHD, the child has a 50 percent chance of developing the disorder. The disease is more common in boys than girls (4:1). Besides, brain diseases, thyroid hormone excess, stress and anxiety during pregnancy, exposure to toxic chemicals, pesticides, iron and lead, malnourished and premature birth can cause this disease later.

In general, the diagnosis is often delayed because the child's agitation is considered normal with age. Most parents do not understand before the age of 7 to 12, thinking it will be fixed in time.

What do you know if a child has ADHD?

There are three types of this disease-

1. Just carelessness;

2. Excessive agitation and inappropriate behavior;

3. A combination of the above two, which is mostly seen in children


1. Acting according to one's own will and prioritizing one's will

2. Not doing things systematically and not sticking to the end. Rapid distraction

3. Getting angry, stubborn, or depressed suddenly without reason

4. Not sitting still, moving around all the time

5. Doing nothing quietly, shouting unnecessarily, talking unnecessarily and irrelevantly. Talking between other people's words and not listening to their words

6. Not doing what you are told to do, not being organized, often making mistakes such as not doing homework, losing things

7. Not listening attentively, feeling bored, having unrealistic imaginations, avoiding others or not being able to get along, suddenly becoming violent

Autism and ADHD are the same disease?

No, the two diseases are not the same. Autism has some symptoms like inattention, being aloof, not following instructions like ADHD. But these are not part of autism.

Methods of diagnosis

If excessive and destructive agitation is not neglected or indulged in, any symptoms of the disease should be consulted at the nearest child development center or specialist in neurology. It is only after various behavioral, laboratory tests and developmental milestones are verified that he is diagnosed with ADHD, not before.

What damage if not treated?

There is no point in hoping that the child will get better with age. Because, in 30 to 70 percent of cases, the disease persists even if it is large. If not treated on time, the condition worsens. People suffering from this disease cannot adapt anywhere - family, society or workplace.


Following certain procedures before administering medication to reduce hyperactivity may yield results. If the child is brought into these processes, the symptoms of ADHD can be seen to gradually decrease, the child can become normal after being freed from all the symptoms. These processes include—

1. Putting the child's energy to good use, such as swimming, cycling, teaching karate or martial arts;

2. To explain the work to the child in simple language and few words and teach him with sympathy by adapting himself to the child's temperament;

3. Make a list of small tasks, so that he can do them all in a short time. simultaneously fixing time for work;

4. Praise and reward the child when he/she does according to the list;

5. By reducing the use of TV, laptop or tablet computer at home, giving opportunities to play in the green nature outside in the open field;

6. If the child suddenly becomes agitated, distract him, ask him to take deep breaths and talk to him sympathetically;

7. Coordinating with school teachers and parents so that the child gets attention in class. Helping the child to learn, praising, rewarding him when he does something right - ensure these things at school as well as at home;

8. To keep the child calm, let him listen to music occasionally, keep him relaxed and talk to him in simple language to keep his attention.

The relationship between food and ADHD

Children are generally discouraged from giving wheat, corn, chocolate, tomatoes, grapes, legumes. There is no association between sugar or any allergic food to increase ADHD. However, if parents feel that a food is causing the child's irritability, then they should test with that food to see if it is due to an allergy or hyperactivity.

But many studies say that vitamin B, C, D-3, Omega-3 fatty acid and magnesium like vitamin and mineral foods work well in this treatment.

Consequences of ADHD

According to a report published on a health website about the consequences of not being able to control ADHD.

Lack of attention:

One of the main problems with ADHD is attention deficit. They cannot concentrate on a task until the end. As a result, no work is completed. On the other hand, it is seen to be extra attentive in some workor these patients.


Children with this disease cannot go to school and sit still in the classroom. As a result, they are known as the most active students in the classroom. Although they are active, their minds are not in studies, they are always wandering in the world of daydreams and imaginations. This symptom is more common in girls than boys. As a result, the big deficit they create in their educational life becomes a burden in their mature age.

Reckless behavior:

Almost all children behave recklessly as they grow up. However, the reckless behavior of children with ADHD is abnormal.

Suddenly they become very angry and stubborn, then it becomes difficult to control them. They have no control over their emotions. The actions they do during this time become a cause of harm to themselves and many around them.

Failure to maintain relationships:

In order to maintain any relationship in social life, people affected by this disease have to have great speed. It is not that they are incapable of interacting with people. On the contrary, they can be sweeter than others in conversation. However, their relationships are often destroyed due to sudden behavior.

Instability at work:

Changing jobs is a part of career development. However, the tendency of people with ADHD to change jobs is so high that at some point that habit becomes the bane of their working life. The reason behind this is the loss of focus on one task. As they cannot be efficient in their work, the officers are not trusted due to quick change of work.


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