What is the harm of drinking milk tea, what is the harm of drinking milk tea?

What is the harm of drinking milk tea, what is the harm of drinking milk tea?

What is the harm of drinking milk tea, what is the harm of drinking milk tea?

What is the harm of drinking milk tea, what is the harm of drinking milk tea?

Do You Know The Harm Of Drinking Milk Tea?

Tea is one of the popular drinks around the world. It is a drink that is more or less preferred by young and old. Different types of tea are produced around the world. Tea is processed in different ways, depending on its quality. Such as black tea, green tea, istak tea, oolong or oolong tea and Paraguay tea. Apart from this, there are various types of herbal teas including white tea, yellow tea, puerh tea.

Tea has long been considered beneficial for health. It is said that drinking tea increases the immunity of the body, prevents the loss of body cells. Just as tea reduces the risk of heart disease, it also has a role in preventing cancer.

But which type of tea is more beneficial for health? Milk tea, or color tea? According to doctors, regular tea drinkers must know that color tea is more beneficial for the body than milk tea.

So see what harm can be caused by milk-chai-

Tea contains anti-oxidants. By drinking red tea without milk and sugar, the body gets this anti-oxidant. But when it is mixed with sugar, milk, condensed milk, the antioxidant called catechin in the tea reacts with the kejin protein in the milk.

Drinking Milk Tea On An Empty Stomach Is So Harmful!

Sleep disturbances may occur:

Milk tea is often made with black tea, which contains about 47 milligrams of caffeine, so you may have trouble falling asleep. Within 15 minutes of drinking milk tea, this caffeine enters the bloodstream, thereby helping to increase energy levels.

So according to experts, drinking milk tea right before going to bed is absolutely not recommended. A cup of milk-tea in the evening may seem to give you energy, but experts believe it will increase sleep problems at night.

Disadvantages for those who have lost weight:

Not only is tea very low in calories, it also contains chemicals that help boost your energy levels. According to a study conducted by the Tea Research Association in our country, when milk is mixed with tea, the proteins present in the milk bind to the compounds of the tea, which can lead to weight loss. Drinking milk-tea on an empty stomach in the morning may not make your metabolism work properly. Apart from this, drinking tea on an empty stomach can increase gastric problems. Drinking strong tea on an empty stomach greatly increases the risk of ulcers.

Drinking tea every day is not right:

According to experts, drinking too much tea is not good. Tea leaves contain a compound called tannin. which is highly acidic. When consumed on an empty stomach or in excess, tannins can damage your stomach tissues. This can cause your stomach to ache. According to Healthline, it can cause nausea. Consuming tea on an empty stomach can cause problems like flatulence.

Milk Tea Is Good Or Harmful For The Body?

Milk-tea may cause concern:

Starting your morning with a cup of milk tea every day may seem like a relaxing way for you. Also, studies have shown that this drink can cause problems like anxiety. According to Harvard Medical School, the caffeine in tea can cause your body to react in a similar way, causing anxiety. According to Healthline, increased heart rate, sudden tremors or feelings of restlessness can be caused by this milk tea.

Milk tea increases the risk of type 2 diabetes:

If you enjoy milk tea every day, know how much sugar you're adding. But eating too much sugar can raise your blood sugar levels, which can lead to type 2 diabetes. Apart from this, this milk-tea can increase many other dangers in the body.

Constipation problem

Constipation problems occur in those who consume too much tea in a day. Constipation causes bloating, poor bowel movements, and gas problems. This causes a kind of discomfort in the body. As a result of which the mind is not satisfied with any work.

The Problems Of The Body After Drinking Milk Tea In The Morning What Are The Harms Of Milk Tea?

Skin damage

Many people say that the color of the skin becomes black after drinking tea. That is, our skin gets a sore feeling. When we add milk to the nutrient-rich black liquor tea, the quality is intact. And it damages the skin.

Drinking milk tea can cause flatulence, digestive problems, blood pressure fluctuations, acne and stress. Besides, milk tea has no nutritional value. So it is better not to drink milk tea. You can drink green tea, black tea, colored tea, ginger tea or herbal tea instead of milk tea.

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