Side effects of using magic condoms, don't forget to use them


Don't use the magic condom in case someone forgets it.

In fact, girls of any age may get extreme sexual pleasure from using magic condoms, but this pleasure fades after a long time.

As a result, their family has various sexual problems and quarrels

For example, if a person every day.

In his sex life he gets no pleasure but after a few months the shape and size of happiness for him becomes almost or smaller than before then he can't do it anymore.

Therefore, girls and boys should not use magic condoms at a young age and those who have not had children should not forget to use condoms. Because once the extreme happiness, then later you will not get that happiness again if you go without a condom.

Later there will be only misunderstanding between the husband and wife and the girl's life may also be ruined

Who will actually use the magic condom?

Those who already have 2-3 children and plan to have children. no

It's too old. Forty plus gets less sexual pleasure at this age and I don't want to get married anywhere else

The vagina is empty and enlarged.

They can only miss magic but have to use it all the time.

It should be considered because This can lead to problems in life for many younger girls and sexual pleasure once in a while may later make them think that the man has a problem and cannot give him any sexual pleasure.


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