Food list for pregnant mother, food for postnatal mother

 pregnant mother's food list

Food list for pregnant mother, food for postnatal mother

of childbirth next a few months new of mothers own of the body correct care taken And properly food to eat need no If so , children And mother both sick become go of mothers in mind to keep will be their the body from nutrition getting increased getting up child own the body healthy to do for so Of course , at least baby's talk think attention day what eating no eating his above _

of the child of birth after of mothers such all food to eat need , which through Children too complete nutrition to get can His too advice giving Nutritionists .

Obstetrics mother's of nutrition requirement what

one Obstetrics mother of other of women compared to nutrition demand more so his more to eat will be Newborn , mother own of the body compensation And mother's of milk through newborn all nutrition material getting remains so Obstetrics mother's extra nutrition needed _

normal than one Midwives / Lactators mother's extra 750 of calories with 26 the village more of protein need is Usually Obstetrics mother's chest daily 20 - 30 ounce the milk made up Yes , 2 grams food protein from daily 1 gram of milk protein made up is animals protein mother's of milk excellent material. so Obstetrics mother's food in the list every day of protein necessary amount of at least half animals protein to be will be

normal in condition that Amount of calories need is milkman mother's his than extra 500 calories need every day 2000 - 2500 of calories food Obstetrics mother who to eat will be at once more no by eating Repeatedly to eat will be

Obstetrics mother's Food , delivery after mother's food

protein rich Food :-

normal in condition one received older of women 50 grams Protein , pregnant mother's 65 grams protein And milkman mother's 75 grams protein need protein of milk with scratched become baby of the body structure And in repair at work Like , mother At work too takes Fish , meat , eggs , pulses , soybeans , nuts And Sim national in food protein exist _

fat rich Food :-

daily of calories 15 - 25 the village of calories demand meet is this fat from normal in condition one adult of women every day 20 grams Fat , pregnant mother's 30 the village And Lactator / midwife mother's 45 grams fat need of fish Oil , marine Fish , nuts , wood nuts In these Omega - 3 Fatty acid more remains Omega - 3 Fatty acid completed food Obstetrics mother's for special need _

Iodine rich Food :-

Thyroid hormones of making for need Iodine. Thyroid of the body Nutrition , development And of growth with involved milkman mother's every day 190 microgram Iodine need Milk , vegetables And marine in foodstuffs Iodine exist _

follicle acid rich Food :-

child And mother of two for this vitamins necessary every day 450 - 500 micrograms this food in the list to keep will be Vegetables , nuts , yeast A this vitamins exist _

pregnant mother's the first three of the month food List of children mother's food

Vitamin A _ rich Food :-

Vitamin A _ of the eye structure right By , the body in growth help By doing , disease prevention power growth by doing every day 800 - 1000 microgram this need Milk , ghee , turmeric - orange of color Vegetables , carrot , pumpkin , mango And other colorful in vegetables Vitamin A _ exist _

vitamins B - 6 rich Food :-

Obstetrics mother's daily 1 . 7-2 . _ _ 0 mg vitamins B - 6 need in the body of protein Metabolism And the red the blood granules in the making vitamins B - 6 Introduction keeps Fish , meat , grains grain And Sim national in food vitamins B - 6 found goes _

Zinc rich Food :-

different encourager made up And work for Zinc need this a metallic substance one Obstetrics mother's every day 10 - 12 mg Zinc need Nuts , milk , meat , seafood food And grain grain national in food Zinc remains _

pregnancy mother's food And cesarean mother's food list

liquid national Food :-

in the water has a lot amount minerals substance , Usually all of food in less more the water  food There is , however something something in food a lot amount the water remains he kind of food to eat of course need food accept digestion And Exploitation  to do of water  drink to do need _

the water the blood liquid keeps And  of excreta with polluted of substance the body from get out to do goes toxin  of  like substances get out by doing give of water lack of of digestion  the problem see gives And Constipation see gives of due to the water more more drink to do should _

cesarean mother's food list

 newborn mother's the milk to eat to the mother a lot amount the water drink to do necessary child of birth after a lot the time mother's dehydration see gives mother's dehydration to prevent a lot amount the water drink to do will be to the child the milk to feed before mother's the water drink to do should Milk , fruit juice or pure the water drink as to eat will go

Fiber _ _ national Food :-

fiber one kind of sugar national food which different in vegetables remains fiber food in digestion help by doing mother's food digestion properly if children too good will be Fruits , vegetables , flour , soy sauce _ etc in fiber exist _

balanced Food :-

balanced food Hall such a food so that specific amount And in proportion different kind of food remains so that Calories , proteins , minerals , vitamins And alternative nutrition enough remains And a small the part of nutrition for saved remains _

Also , balanced in food Bio - active Phytochemicals such as Dietary Fiber , antioxidants And Nutraceuticals to stay should which positive health beneficial a balanced in food carbohydrates from total 60-70% of calories , protein From 10-12% and fat from total Containing 20-25% of calories should _

minerals Salt :-

calcium the maximum known And important a minerals salt calcium our bone And of teeth structure strong And strong By doing , corrosion prevention by doing And Arthritis , rheumatism of disease with fight by doing new mother's anemia or Anemia away to do for iron Resistance for of calcium contribution Undeniable. Also Iodine Goiter , weakness , breast including cancer different disease resistance by doing remains

of fish Oils , various marine Fish , iodine mixed up food salt to be very easily Iodine found goes Codliver in oil Iodine In addition to there is a valuable material Vitamin A which _ _ blindness And at night resistance by doing A except more there is Calcium , which children bone And teeth strong do _

Caesar's after mother's food milkman mother's food list

new the mothers what will eat no

nutritious food to eat as well as something food there is which of mothers avoiding to continue is a lot the time see gone this the foods to eat after the children mother's the milk to eat want no or the milk by playing sick become to read can so of mothers conscious to stay is all the time children the milk to feed the time such no food to eat will go no so that baby sick become read _

lemon national Results :

lemon national all fruit this the time avoiding to go should this national As a result acid remains which baby the chest irritation Burns , Stomach of pain because to be can even baby in the body Rash or allergy see to give can you of lemon instead of other vitamins C of the source such as papaya Mango , to eat can _

Chocolate :

this the time your beloved chocolate to eat off to keep will be chocolate special by doing Dark in chocolate Caffeine remains which your baby of health damage to do can chocolate to eat after the milk by playing your baby if sick become read or on the skin Rash see gives However chocolate to eat off by doing day _

new the mothers what What will you eat ? will eat no

Broccoli :

of broccoli nutritional value A lot , but baby the milk to feed the time Broccoli , cauliflower national gas the creator vegetable to eat from abstinence stay this the foods in the stomach gas the creation by doing remains which baby's damage do _

Coffee :

you when Coffee or the tea drink do then of caffeine something the part of milk with mixed up goes small children the elders like Caffeine exploitation to do power remains no As a result their in the stomach Pain , chest Heartburn , insomnia see to give can so chest the milk to feed the time Coffee to eat from abstinence stay _

Garlic :

your if raw garlic or of garlic food to eat habit There is , however today this habit give up do of garlic the smell chest of milk in comes which your baby choice take to do can _

something Fish :

in fish a lot amount Protein , Fatty acid remains but something the fish such as the tuna Fish , fibrous the fish to eat from abstinence will stay

dairy products Food :

the milk And the milk national in food a lot amount protein has but the children this national food easily digestion to do can no special by doing of cow of milk protein. Cheese , paneer , curd or other no milk national food mother by playing that of milk through baby in the body move on goes In this baby of digestion Stomach problems _ gas or stomach the pain including a lot the problem see to give can _

Finally : of childbirth after mother's Food , newborn mother's food list


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