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Easy ways to put a baby to sleep, baby sleep, easy ways to put a newborn baby to sleep


Easy ways to put a baby to sleep, baby sleep, easy ways to put a newborn baby to sleep

Sleep is very important for a child's physical and mental growth and development. According to experts, babies who sleep more often grow properly in weight, length and head circumference. But most parents have a lot of trouble getting their children to sleep at night. It can affect them too. But parents have to be patient. It is easy to put children to sleep if you follow a routine. Let's find out how to make your baby sleep easily-

Children's sleep pattern varies according to age. For example, 14 to 16 hours after birth, 13 to 14 hours at 6 months to 1 year, 11 to 12 hours at 2 to 5 years, and 9 to 10.5 hours at 6 to 16 years. After birth, parents, especially mothers, should pay attention to the child's sleeping habits and take good care of the changes in the child's sleeping time. Adequate sleep is very necessary for the baby's body.

10 easy tricks to put a baby to sleep, easy ways to put a baby to sleep

Why do babies not want to sleep?

* Many children do not want to sleep if there is too much light in the room.

* Does not want to sleep if the television is on in the house.

* If the diaper is wet, or too tight, then the baby is restless, he does not want to sleep.

* Many times the child does not want to sleep even at 10:11 p.m., one of the reasons may be that the child's parents want to play with the mother. Wants closeness or affection. At this time, he wants to enjoy being hugged and caressed.

* Many people put the baby to sleep in a cradle or on their lap when they are young; This makes it more difficult. Because he gets used to it and wakes up in bed.

* If the child has a cold or is unwell, if the child has a stomach ache, the child will have trouble sleeping.

* Those who put the baby to sleep on their lap or on their shoulders, then the baby starts to get used to that way, as a result, if they are put to bed from their shoulders, then their sleep is disrupted or they wake up repeatedly.

* If you wake up at 11:00 am or sleep too late in the evening, the baby will not sleep early at night.

* Many children dream in their sleep and wake up repeatedly.

tricks to put a baby to sleep, ways to put a baby to sleep

Here are some things you can do to help your baby sleep better:

* The sleeping environment should be created for the child - he should sleep in a certain bed in a certain room every day. Let the bed become familiar to him.

* Must provide clean and comfortable bedding.

* The bedroom should be slightly or slightly dark. The light in the room should be dimmed at least half an hour before going to bed.

* Other problems in the house should not be discussed loudly while the children are sleeping.

* Try to sleep at a certain time every night. The ideal bedtime for children is between 8:30 pm and 9:30 pm. Try to sleep at this time.

* You should try to sleep at a certain time in the afternoon.

* Children should practice sports during the day. It will make the body feel quite tired. Will sleep early at night.

* Wipe the whole body with a light soft cotton cloth or towel before sleeping on a hot day, the body will feel comfortable. will sleep well

* Avoid thick clothes or synthetic clothes while sleeping. Wear thin cotton clothes.

* Adequate fan air or window air should be provided in the room.

* If the AC is running in the room, it should be kept at moderate temperature.

easy ways to put a baby to sleep, tricks to put a baby to sleep

Babies from newborns to 3 years of age should try to sleep on their mother's lap when they are put to sleep. After the child falls asleep, Ananta should stay with the child for 30/40 minutes. So that the child understands that his mother is with him. After sleeping, a heavy type of lap pillow or a little big pillow should be placed on both sides so that the baby thinks that his mother is with him. Then he will sleep comfortably. TV should not be shown before the child sleeps, mobile phones should be kept away. The habit of feeding the baby with the feeder in sleep should be avoided.

While putting the baby to sleep, try to cradle or cradle the baby, in no way should the baby be put to sleep. The baby's nose can be blocked by swallowing, chest pressure can also be felt. It is best for babies to get used to sleeping on very thin pillows. By doing this, the position of the baby's head and body is also correct. Baby can sleep comfortably.

Insomnia is not falling asleep easily after going to bed, waking up in the middle of the night, waking up early in the morning or not sleeping at all. If this happens, it disrupts the child's daily activities, removes the child's freshness or cheerfulness.

Many children between 5 and 12/13 years have nightmares. Especially those who have a habit of watching computer or television for a long time and do not play sports during the day. His physical activity is low. In nightmares, the child is afraid of dreams and repeatedly wakes up in fear.

Children who have tonsils, adenoids, ear problems also do not sleep well at night. Again, after birth, crying a little continuously and sleeping very little day and night, if you have such symptoms, you must consult a doctor.

Adequate sleep is very important for children. Not getting enough sleep can stunt a child's growth and development. Behavioral and emotional problems may develop. Child's attention decreases in various activities including studies, sports. Experts believe that if this problem persists for a long time, the child's memory may also decrease.

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