Bone Osteoporosis Prevention, Bone Osteoporosis Medicines Symptoms of osteoporosis

Bone Osteoporosis Prevention, Bone Osteoporosis Medicines Symptoms of osteoporosis

Bone Osteoporosis Prevention, Bone Osteoporosis Medicines Symptoms of osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a silent killer. It is a condition where the bones of the body lose density and slowly begin to become brittle. As a result, bone loss begins over time

If you have osteoporosis, you are at risk of fracture at any time Like other diseases, people do not understand the fact that they are suffering from this disease in the beginning. Bone loss is gradual and becomes noticeable much later That is why it is called silent killer.

Dhaka Medical College and Hospital Orthopedic Surgery Specialist Doctor Mohammad Shahiduzzaman Answers to some important questions related to osteoporosis have emerged in the conversation.

Professor Dr. Mohammad Shahiduzzaman said, osteoporosis and its complications are generally more common in women than in men.

Causes of osteoporosis include the cessation of menstruation or menopause in women, calcium and vitamin D deficiency, and the presence of other diseases that increase bone fragility.

Osteoporosis Symptoms, Osteoporosis Homeopathy Treatment

Symptoms of osteoporosis

It is difficult to identify the symptoms of this disease in the beginning. Because initially there are no symptoms Possible symptoms are very common and can be confused as an isolated incident of pain or stress However, as the disease progresses, the symptoms become apparent.

Symptoms of osteoporosis include:

● Chronic back pain, which is usually felt when getting out of bed Pain is usually worst when walking or standing.

Osteoporosis, anti-osteoporosis foods, osteoporosis

● Osteoporosis causes the body to lose flexibility. Simple activities such as bending, twisting and stretching are difficult and cause severe pain.

● Bone fractures are the most common symptom of osteoporosis. The most obvious symptom is a broken bone from a minor injury or fall. Fractures of the spine, hips, and wrists are more common.

● Sometimes osteoporosis can cause height loss of 1-2 inches.

● Another common symptom that can be seen on dental x-rays is loss of jawbone.

Osteoporosis symptoms and treatment

This disease is more common in people over fifty and women after menopause. Before the age of 40, bone growth is high, bone loss is low. Since then bone loss is high, growth is low Bone loss depends on bone density between 15 and 25 years along with the presence of calcium, phosphate, collagen fibers.

Those at risk of osteoporosis

People who have been taking steroids or seizure medications for a long time, smoke or drink heavily, eat a diet low in calcium, exercise less, or are underweight are at increased risk.

Prevention and treatment of osteoporosis

Exercise regularly to prevent osteoporosis. Regular exercise or physical labor increases bone strength. It increases the blood flow to the bones and keeps the joints active Exercise reduces bone loss by keeping the body in balance.

Apart from this, calcium and vitamin D should be taken regularly At least 10-15 minutes of sun should be applied every day Because the main components of bones are calcium and vitamin-D.

Eat fish, meat, eggs, milk and dairy products regularly for calcium Also eat seafood. It will keep the bones healthy.

Quit smoking and drinking. Because it increases bone loss Control diabetes, liver and kidney diseases Be careful not to gain excess weight. In addition, if there is any problem or if any symptoms are clearly felt, consult a specialist doctor immediately.

Finally : Bone Osteoporosis Prevention, Bone Osteoporosis Medicines Symptoms of osteoporosis

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