Benefits of Jaggery Tea, Benefits of Jaggery Tea, Start the winter morning by drinking jaggery tea!

Benefits of Jaggery Tea, Benefits of Jaggery Tea, Start the winter morning by drinking jaggery tea!

Benefits of Jaggery Tea, Benefits of Jaggery Tea, Start the winter morning by drinking jaggery tea!

Tea is a beneficial drink. It is effective in keeping away various diseases. There are many people who cannot function without a few cups of tea a day. Many people add many things to tea to make it tasty. Usually tea with sugar and milk is more popular. But have you thought whether this sugar with tea is healthy for you?

Jaggery can be mixed with tea as an alternative to sugar. Jaggery is beneficial for our body. Experts forbid sugar in tea. However, the taste of tea without sweet is palatable. So why not eat tea? Instead of sugar, add jaggery to the tea and sip it calmly.

Usually we drink many types of tea. Rong tea, Darjeeling tea, green tea, white tea etc. Many people add various things to make tea tasty. Some people mix it with lemon juice, honey, ginger juice. Cardamom, mint, tulsi leaves are also mixed in the tea. But have you ever eaten molasses tea? Jaggery has many benefits. It helps in many ways to keep the body healthy and strong. Health experts advise not to drink tea with sugar.

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First heat a cup of water in a pot. Now add 4 small cardamoms, 1 teaspoon of fennel, half teaspoon of pepper powder, 2 teaspoons of tea leaves in it. Let it boil a little. Now heat half a cup of milk in another vessel. Pour boiling milk into the mixture. Then heat it. Now put 2 spoons of jaggery in that pot. After the jaggery is completely mixed, take it down. That's it! Prepare jaggery tea. Now strain through a strainer and serve hot.

Benefits of jaggery tea

Jaggery is packed with numerous nutrients. Besides health benefits, jaggery tea is also very effective in shedding excess body fat. So health conscious people can keep this tea in their daily diet. Know the benefits of drinking jaggery tea-

1. Drinking jaggery tea keeps the digestive system healthy. In addition, the problem of heartburn is also reduced. It should be noted that jaggery contains hardly any artificial sweeteners. Compared to sugar, it contains a lot of vitamins and minerals, so drinking jaggery tea is beneficial in winter.

Mix molasses in tea! There will be a great surprise in health

2. Jaggery is hot in nature. As it keeps the body warm, it also boosts immunity. Drinking jaggery tea during winter provides relief from cold and phlegm. Drink jaggery tea with ginger, pepper and tulsi leaves.

3. Drink jaggery tea if you feel tired again and again, it will relieve the tiredness. This tea provides energy and removes various deficiencies.

4. Jaggery tea works well as a detox. People who suffer from frequent throat and lung infections can benefit from drinking this tea.

5. If you have migraine or headache problem, drink jaggery tea mixed with cow's milk, then you will get relief.

mix molasses in tea and eat it, the benefits of molasses tea for the body

6. If there is a lack of blood, eating jaggery or making a tea of it will remove this deficiency. Jaggery contains a lot of iron, which cures blood deficiency

7. Jaggery tea helps in controlling blood pressure.

8. Jaggery tea is very beneficial for women who suffer from stomach and back pain during periods. Jaggery helps reduce period pain.

9. Jaggery tea helps to cleanse the stomach. A piece of jaggery should be taken after meals.

10. Jaggery helps in digestion of food very quickly. Many people think that the sugar in jaggery causes body fat to accumulate. But this idea is not correct. Rather jaggery helps in better digestion, increases metabolism and helps in weight loss.

11. Jaggery is rich in calcium and phosphorus. Apart from this, drinking jaggery tea strengthens the bones.

the many benefits of molasses tea, is it healthy to drink tea with molasses instead of sugar?

12. Mix jaggery with tea to avoid liver problems. Jaggery helps to cleanse our liver.

13. You can drink jaggery tea to prevent cough, respiratory problems, allergies etc. It relaxes the bronchial muscles. As a result, the throat and body can become much more relaxed.

14. Adequate antioxidants present in jaggery help in keeping the skin fresh.

15. Sugarcane molasses is the best friend of the liver. Regular consumption of sugarcane jaggery tea reduces the level of toxic substances from the liver.


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